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While the above may not be a classical yoga pose for display on this Yoga Day, the picture illustrates how one can adopt or adapt or redefine, just how one would like to make life more meaningful. What characterizes human life, is the uniqueness that each human being can consciously imbibe and/ or display, to the world around. The world around will have very defining patterns of conduct, social norms, professional and personal goals, all of which empower human beings, to live harmoniously. However, what makes the world so interesting is that individuals find unique ways to evolve and display their individuality.

Every individual therefore, has a unique purpose in life. The sooner you discover it for yourself, the better it helps one mold and play that part. The tragedy of human beings is not that they are less privileged or not gifted, but their inability to discover their potential. Everyone is given life; life means a purpose. How you make your life, purposeful and powerful, depends on how you leverage your potential. How does one define one’s life purpose? The answer to that question will reveal how you shape your life. To find that answer you will have to begin in the following way:

Choose the right attitude – If you don’t know the answer; try to find it. If you have to struggle to find it ; begin the quest. If you don’t know where to find it; look everywhere- read/ ask/ question / imagine/ connect / think….  Your attitude will define how far you can go.

Focus on what you can do – So you have your limitations; so what. You also have your strengths; list them. Select your strengths; now use it . Enhance your strength; learn/ practice/ find a guru…. When you can identify your strengths, you can determine how strong you are, to achieve what you want, in your own unique way.

Aim high – No one can stop you from aiming high; go on and aim for the stars. Aim to achieve; now you will begin your quest to achieve. You can be whoever you choose to be; start with the first step…. The higher you aim, the brighter your chances of reaching closer to something worthwhile.

Do it your way – Listen to all your well wishers; your parents, teachers, siblings, friends but then remember, you have to furrow your own path, in your own way. At times people will give sane advice including what you should not do; ultimately you do what you believe should be done…. You know the destination…you choose the way.

Remember that failures are successes in the making – Failures are not just your inability to achieve what you set out to do. It also includes, your inability to make those around you, comprehend what you are aiming to do. You succumbing to the demands placed on you by society, even when you know they cannot see your vision, is also in many ways, a failure. However, at times you are helpless and so you give in. They are minor setbacks. … keep pursuing your goal and scale the pinnacle of success as defined by you, by charting your own course.

Your vision; your way; your victory!

Try these:           

  • What is your most outlandish desire? How do you propose to achieve it?
  • What is the one thing you do very differently, from the accepted norms?
  • Who is the one person you recall who did things in her/ his own way, paying no heed to what the world around demanded of her/ him? How would you rate their happiness and success?
  • Recall three of your most traumatic failures. Can you identify the key reason for that failure? If the word ME is not in it, then think again about those failures.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. Imtiaz

    Interesting and well written Bobby.
    The definition of life is unique to each one of us on this planet.
    Thanks for your meaningful presentation

    1. Bobby Jacob

      Thanks Imtiaz for your appreciative and encouraging feedback.

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