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Non verbal communication conveys more honestly than any other form of communication. Experts and communication researchers have reinforced this fact through research and empirical data. They have also suggested how one can read, interpret, understand and benefit from understanding the subtle text and sub text of various non verbal communications. The best non verbal communication is experienced when one interacts with little children; they are spontaneous in their responses and since they have no other means of communicating they are honest, dispassionate and expressive in their communication. We too are equally quick and responsive, to their communication of laughter/ tears/ fear/ peacefulness, which are largely the emotions, they display in their communication.

If you reflect, you would perhaps realize that we tend to respond in a similar manner even to adults, in whom we see shades of that child like innocent non verbal communication. We form judgments about others, based on similar traits. We feel comfortable or experience discomfort, depending on how genuinely others communicate non verbally with us. The genuineness of the positive, non verbal communication is best revealed by the eyes, soul and heart.

Laugh with your eyes – Joy radiates from the eyes even if it is the face and lips that take centre stage. Pure joy that transcends into laughter is best personified by the tears of joy that one cannot hold back. It is not just the shimmer in the eyes but the radiance in it that leaps out and makes the communication complete.

Hug with your soul – A hug of sheer ecstasy is not just in the warmth of the hug but in the silent, unseen but deeply felt connection of the souls. Even from a distance the soul can hug and tug at one’s raw emotions through a force that is inexplicable. Ever hugged someone in an ICU where entry is barred and all you can do is look longingly through the glass. Ever felt the connection?

Smile with your heart – The smile that is most vibrant, does not glow till it comes from your heart. Notice the smile of a little child and the parents. It is pure, unadulterated love that is ignited in the heart and reflected on the face. Ever felt it the same way when meeting a long lost buddy or a very close neighbor who you haven’t met in years.

Nature provides us many such moments to elevate ourselves and those around when we are touched by the sheer beauty and magnificence of wonders of nature. It could be natural environment, the wildlife, the vast expanses of the sea  and shoreline, the radiance of a rainbow… does your heart skip a beat, a smile light up your face and you wanting the moment to remain forever….

Life too provides many such moments. Something that you read; something that you see; someone that you meet; some adventures that you experience. Some moments that are indelibly etched in your mind and heart. That is when your eyes, soul and heart are in perfect sync.

Try This:

  • Recount your most favorite moments. Think back to the reasons that made it so special and memorable. Do those memories touch your heart and soul and bring a tear in your eyes?
  • Visit an orphanage and interact with the children there. Make a note of your feelings and experiences there.
  • What is the most sentimental object you have with you? Why is it special? What memories or feelings do you associate with it?

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Bobby Jacob

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