Be nice, spread love, smile lots – change yourself and the world around you

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The start of the year must be one that is joyous with lots of laughter and love all around. The challenge for us is to ensure that the rest of the year too can have a similar pattern to it, day in and day out. Tough you say? Obviously each day is different and since each day also brings with it new challenges, we must adapt ourselves to see the good that each day also offers us. If we just take that little effort to seek out the good in each day, it is possible that each day in your book of life, will also contain those 3 golden rules of be nice, spread love and smile lots.

So how do we find the goodness in each day? Actually, the day becomes good the moment we let the 3 rules of the book of life become the principles you live by. So adopt the three rules and let them lead you to experience the goodness in life.

Be nice. Sounds easy but when put into practice, it can be quite a challenge. How do you be nice to someone you detest or someone who is irritating or someone who has a completely different view from yours? How can you remain nice when you are stressed or dealing with a crisis or tackling an irate customer or co-worker or worse still a nasty boss? The trick here is to develop patience. Minimize your frustration and try to regain your composure when flustered. Try responding not reacting. Alternatively picture the worst case scenario and then work backwards to how you can mitigate the issues and deal in a collaborative manner. Collaboration means having to get the support of the other. There is no alternative than to be nice. Reflect don’t panic and find a nice way to be nice.

Spread love. Spreading love is all about being kind and understanding. You cannot spread love if you are angry, frustrated, holding grudges, feeling envious; in short holding on to any negative emotion. Spreading love is also not such an overt expression as you probably think. What you need to do is first ensure you are ready to interact with the world around you, be it situations, people, happenings in a respectful and positive way. Then interact with respect, have concern and focus on minimizing or alleviating the situation if there is tension or simply adding luster to an ongoing interaction. Simple acts of appreciation, thanks, being respectful are all small drops of love that you spread.

Smile lots. They say a smile is curve that can straighten out a lot of things. Ever noticed how a smile warms your own heart, gives you a reason to be optimistic, prompts you to spread positive energy and good cheer. A smile also triggers all these reactions in those who benefit from the smile you share and the energy you radiate.

Try these:           

  • See this video in which you will realize that It just needs a warm heart, little time and small helping hand to spread love and a make positive difference in some one’s life… and that someone need not be another human being . This common kingfisher’s legs were stuck on the frozen pipe. It was released by a kind soul just by the warmth of the hand. Click on the following link
  • You can read up more on SMILE – See My Instant Life Energizer by clicking on the following link
  • Can you recollect your favorite jokes? Remember a humorous story or poem? Cartoons and limericks too can trigger nostalgia for the humor they exuded. Do a google search for humor related stuff and see your smile widen, heart lighten and the mood soften.

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