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It is that time of the year when the old passes on to the new and it is time to make a whole lot of New Year Resolutions. It is also the time when we end up with regrets at the large number of New Year resolutions of the past year that remained unfulfilled. Perhaps the fault lies in the large number of well-intended but difficult to execute resolutions we gleefully jot down, but those that we lack the temperament to fulfill.

Hence, this year, perhaps we can achieve greater success by whittling down our resolutions to more manageable numbers. So here are three simple rules that you can adopt as your New Year resolutions for the coming year.

1.If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

The first step is to list all that you want to do/ achieve/ acquire/ create/ fulfill. The next is to give it some priority in order of importance to you. Now you know the key to accomplishing it is going after it with full focus and allotting all your resources to it.  Unless you begin by listing what you want obviously you will never go any further. Prioritizing will enable you to know what is it that you want to attain most desperately. Ideally focus on the first three goals you have prioritized. Since resources at your disposal be it time, energy, money etc. will largely remain limited, you will hopefully allocate that most judiciously. If you even manage to fulfill one item from that list, you can tick of the first of your New Year resolutions as having being achieved.

2.If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

How many times have you debated with the question Should I? or Should I not? Far too often we have decided to choose the second option and rationalized that it is better that I should not go ahead, even if it simply asking someone to clear a doubt you have or requesting someone for any sort of support. On hindsight, you often regret not taking that chance. This year you must go with the I will attitude, and choose the I should option. If you don’t ask for something, you will always end up getting nothing because no one is really aware that you want something. In fact all learning and progress happens because the person took the initiative to ask / seek out / request / get clarifications / get help / get validation. At this point ask yourself what have learned so far from this post.

3.If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.

If you want any improvement or progress to be made, the only way is by being proactive and doing something positive. Stepping forward is equivalent to raising your hands in class to answer a question. It is possible that your answer is wrong but that at least makes you aware of the mistakes you are making. There is always risk in stepping forward but keep in mind there is always a high probability of success and glory when things go right. If nothing else, when you step forward it is boost to your confidence and a reminder that you have it in you to move out of your comfort zone.

Let these three tips be the primary resolutions you embrace this coming year and by the year end you would be surprised how much you achieved by embracing the spirit of these tips and acting on it.

Try these:           

  • What is the one thing you want to achieve in the coming year? How will you go about ensuring you achieve it? ( Tip: Go for it / Chase it / Achieve it)
  • Name two personal fears you would like to overcome this coming year. ( e.g. fear of public speaking / fear of learning to swim / fear of participating in a competition etc.) Now outline how you will manage to overcome these fears.   (Tip : Seek help / Attend coaching sessions / Listen to feedback)
  • Identify a personal role model and two qualities the role model possess that you would like to inculcate in your life. How will you go about it? ( Tip: Take the right steps / Try imitating / Practice / Never give up)

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