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The 2020 Olympics had something for Indians to really cheer about. India had finally realized its dream of getting a medal, a Gold Medal at that, in the track and field event in an Olympics. That medal not only cheered up a nation collectively but also played a major role in uniting and lifting the spirits of the second most populous nation in the world. Neeraj Chopra, realized his dream of winning an Olympic Medal and a Gold Medal was what he set his eyes on. In that winning throw, he also carried with him an entire nation’s dream to fulfillment.

While the nation can gleefully exude in the joy of his achievement, keep in mind that Neeraj himself has expanded his dream. He hopes to win a Gold and possibly with a record throw in the ongoing 2022 World Athletic Championships currently on in the USA, and become the first Indian male athlete to win a medal at these championships.

Against this backdrop, each of us needs to ask ourselves, what can we learn from his achievements. The answer is crystal clear. While applauding the achievements of others, each one of us also needs to set a personal goal and go about achieving it. The individual goal need not be grandiose or extraordinary but what matters is that we have something to focus on in a positive way and strive to attain it and then savor the moment of triumph. Then rather than sit on one’s laurels, we need to set a new goal and keep pushing ourselves to achieve that goal. The first step to that is to have a dream to fulfil.

The question for my dear readers is ‘What is your dream?’ First write it down. Next start believing in it by taking proactive steps to achieve it. Continue on your path (do listen to your fans, your critics, the experts but most important of all listen to your heart) even if the going is tough, the motivation is draining and if the goal still seems distant. Remember, patience and time should be your ally in your quest to attain and fulfill your dream.

Try these:           

  • While goals are often centered around our self-interest; ask yourself if you can set a couple of goals for the betterment of society around us/ for the larger good of the people we deal with or interact with / goals that primarily result in some positive change around us.  Try listing a few such goals.
  • Recall three criticisms that you have received that peeved you then but on hindsight now, you believe they were justified.
  • What have been your most frustrating moments of your life? Are you still brooding over them? It is possible to leave the past behind ( assuming you learned a good lesson from those frustrating events) and set your eyes on more challenging endeavors?

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