Training Courses

Communication Skills

  • Basic concepts - process, types, essentials
  • Oral Communication - Expressions, tone, situations.
  • Written Communication - Language, Grammar, Style, Contents. Letters, Reports, Memos.
  • Non Verbals - appearance, posture, movement, space
  • Public speaking - overcoming stage fright, drafting the talk, delivering the talk

Self Awareness

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Johari Window
  • Appreciating yourself
  • Confidence building

Time Management

  • Basics of Time Management
  • Handling Paperwork
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Effective Delegation

Managerial Effectiveness

  • Managing Self
  • Managing Work
  • Managing People

Finance for Non Finance Executive

  • Principles of accounting
  • Essential concepts of accounting
  • Significance of P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Specific orientation based on trainee profile, requirements and needs
  • Cost saving, commercial negotiation, project financing, budgeting etc.

Selling Your Way to Success

  • Selling skills
  • Buyers Psychology
  • Buying Blocks
  • Objection Handling
  • Selling Success

Team Building

  • Stages in Team development
  • Problems faced by teams
  • Building blocks for teams
  • Ground rules for team development
  • Conflict vs collaboration
  • Understanding team goals
  • Understanding team roles


  • What is Creativity
  • Nurturing Creativity
  • Blocks to Creative thinking
  • Attributes of Creative Individuals
  • Aids to structured Creativity
  • Stimulating Creativity

Social skills

  • Projecting the right image
  • Manners & Etiquettes
  • Confidence building
  • Poise, Charm and Tact
  • Technology and social skill up gradation
  • Impacting your environment positively

Personality Development

An unique module designed for people who want to bring out the best in them and enhance their effectiveness. Ideal for graduate and post graduate students on the threshold of their careers. Very effective for executives keen on improving their managerial skills and personal effectiveness.