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You certainly have an interesting challenge. You seem to have, what most people would envy, ambition, potential and motivation; yet your life is not going the way you want it to.
I can only hazard a few guesses as to what may be causing you problems; hope you can identify the right one that applies to you and hopefully you will take corrective action to attain all that you aspire for.

  • Your wild ambition maybe tempting you to attempt too many different things. As a result, your energies are being expended fruitlessly on different things. This effectively means all of them progress at a slow rate thus frustrating you.
  • Perhaps you lack the discipline to focus and complete the key tasks. Possibly you get distracted or do not take the right decisions.
  • Maybe you are attempting to do things which are not part of your core competence. You should delegate tasks that can be done by others or take the help of experts where needed.
  • Have you bitten of more than you can chew because of your wild ambitions? It is possible since you may have bench marked your ambitions to the best in class. Bounce of some of your ambitious ideas with some experts and get a reality check done.
  • Do a reality check on your potential as well as motivation. Sometimes in the euphoria of having lofty ideas, we tend to overestimate both our potential and our motivation to attain it.
  • It could help if you find a good mentor; an experienced person who can guide you, correct you, support you, motivate you and criticize you. It would be a pity if your enormous potential is not fully realized.


At the outset let me clarify that each individual is unique in his/ her way of responding to situations. Hence the answers here will give you pointers to what to do, but you must pick and choose what you think will wok well of you.

If you are dead serious about getting inputs from the suggestions here, please get a pen and paper before you read any further. As you read, jot down the suggestions / ideas that you think suit your individuality.

While a goal is a good thing to focus on, what will really drive you to act is the intrinsic / extrinsic benefit that you visualize from attaining your goal. e.g. Why are you so keen on that dream career? How will it impact you? Now you have something more tangible to visualize and spur you on. Similarly, apart from looking good what other reason do you have to focus on working out for a good body? Maybe you can wear a variety of clothes that you dream about or maybe you believe you would look better in photographs. These end objectives would be great motivators to get you going.

The lure of a more agreeable activity is a major cause of procrastination. We succumb to our temptation to get distracted from our core responsibility. Find ways a means to eliminate the distractions. e.g. When going for a meeting / church / temple try not to carry the mobile phone with you. I normally leave it in the dashboard of the car or in the draw of office table. This will eliminate any temptation to peek into the phone while my priority is the activity I am engaged in.

Break your goal into smaller tasks so that as and when you achieve each task, you get a sense of satisfaction as well as you get to see the progress you are making. Your goal will not be overwhelming. e.g. When I first started blogging I decided to write one post of around 300 words per day. After the first week I was exhausted and had spells of writers block. However, since I had already written for a week I didn’t want to tarnish my record plus the fact that I had to write only 300 words looked relatively do able. In 2010 I managed around 300 odd posts in my blog blog Now here is another fact. I did not have any goal for the next year and I must confess I hardly wrote 40 posts that year. My current target is to write around 500 words once a week and so far I am managing fairly well.

Trust my suggestions will help you quickly start of with you first goal. Hopefully you will also made it a habit to keep a pen and paper handy when reading the responses to your queries and also make relevant notes.