Standing alone in a crowd takes courage

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Standing alone in a crowd

Off and on each of us will come to a crossroad, where as individuals, each of us has to decide which road to take. The chances are that we see a well trudged path and decide that perhaps this is the way to take since many before us seem to have taken that path. However, if one were to recall the last lines of Robert Frost’s poem, The road not taken, you will get a clue as to which road to take. ( )

It does take a lot of courage, plenty of self-belief and a very strong will to take a path that is different, new, unchartered, and offbeat. It is easy to join the crowd because you see safety in numbers; you believe that if numbers are there that should be right but more importantly ,you feel secure that if you confront failure you will be anonymous in that crowd and perhaps even have a few for company. Perhaps by going with the crowd, you will get encouraged by the support of those whose views you value, you will not have to trek alone, and should you fall along the way there is backup support of a host following you.

In life though, your journey is unique. No one can replicate the steps you take. No one can see the dream you see. No one can visualize the goal you set for yourself. So there is no need for you to follow what the crowd is engrossed with. It is essential that you have an independent mind, think rationally and act passionately. There is every possibility that you might have thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are way different from what most people around you are experiencing. Be proud of your ability to retain your uniqueness and keep your faith in yourself.

Your uniqueness is visible in your preferences, your likes and dislikes, you interests and passions, your choice of friends, your style of dressing, selection of gifts/ colors, method and manner of communication; in short your choices at all times. So do not get coerced into going with the majority, being with the trends, following the crowd or pandering to popular beliefs / expectations. No doubt, standing apart from the crowd would expose you to critics and naysayers. You may lose the support of a few, your choices would be scrutinized and you could be pressurized to change your views. Remember that your uniqueness is what makes you who you are. Remain true to your beliefs and convictions. Be also prepared to pay a price for standing up for yourself.

Stand up for yourself; if need be stand up all alone.

Try these:           

  • List out at least 5 things that are very different in terms of food habits/ dress sense/reading/academics etc. between you and your sibling or you and your best friend.
  • Can you recall a couple of incidences when you stood for yourself and was forced to be in a minority because you refused to buckle under pressure?

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Prerana Kadam

    Amazingly written sir! We are unique and should never try somebody else’s path. Learning from you as always

    1. Bobby Jacob

      Thank you Prerana for your appreciative feedback.

  2. विनय कुमार जैन

    प्रिय बॉबी जी,
    हमेशा की तरह यह भी आपका एक उत्तम लेख है। आपसे एक अनुरोध है; आपके लेखों की संख्या हर वर्ष काम होती जा रही है , समय का आभाव होगा यह प्रतीत होता है , कृपया अपनी लेखनी का उपयोग जारी रखें जिससे हम और हमारे जैसे कई और प्रेरित एवं लाभान्वित होते रहें।

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