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Just as I started writing this post, I get the news of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, apparently committing suicide by hanging himself. Coincidental, considering that this post was to reflect on two uninvited guests, Love and Death. The irony is that the public at large could only remember the actor as an evolving and successful actor, loved by his fans, and having no reason to commit suicide. It may be a strange way to view the rest of this post, because he had captured his fans heart and now he succumbed, possibly to the pressures of life and his heartbeat is no more; perhaps also momentarily also taking away, a heartbeat away from his followers and fans.

If you look back to your own life, there would be wonderful memories of times when you gave your heart away. It may not necessarily be to a person, but it could be for a pet, a book, a movie, a subject that you grew to love. If you still retain that exuberance and joy of discovery, perhaps you still find many uninvited guests in the little pleasures of life, be it exotic food, a unique painting or historical site. Perhaps you could just be in love with nature, the cooing of birds or the rainbow after the rains, or the wildlife that you see in safaris. The fact is, when you find love, there is a skip of your heartbeat that you cherish and try to hold on to. True love grows, although Shakespeare would have you believe, that it is blind. The reality is that you can rarely ever pinpoint, when the spark of love really kindled the flame within. It is an uninvited guest that steals your heart in a seamless but endearing way.

On the other hand, death is a guest that is not really welcome, except when the throes of living are really dire. Unfortunately it sneaks up quietly and in most cases, before one knows, has snared its victim most ruthlessly. Occasionally, unwittingly, as in the case of suicides, death is not really a welcome guest, but invited to help free from bondage, that is difficult for a third party, to imagine. When death is swift, like in the case of an accident or a heart attack, it is a merciful guest; though very much uninvited.

The reality is, uninvited guests can drop by anytime. Be prepared to host them.

Try these:           

  • Have you ever thought about what an apt epitaph for yourself should read like? Perhaps you can attempt to write one.
  • Can you recall the most remarkable uninvited guest, who you still remember? What made her/ him an endearing character for you?
  • What was your experience as an uninvited guest at some place? Did you feel awkward / disenchanted/ pleasantly surprised/ very disillusioned?

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