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As each of us is stumbling through the challenges that the Covid 19 has brought in its wake, there is a silent question that each of us trying to answer ‘ why is this happening at this time?’ The more we try to find an answer to this question, the more confusing it gets. There are many who feel it is nature’s way of extracting retribution from humans for the misuse of nature’s bounty. There are other theories that suggest that it is a long overdue course correction alert to a greedy world. There are still others who think that this is just a way of leveling people, economies and helping it align with the natural environment. Perhaps it is a mixture of all these theories and more.

We may not get any clear cut answers immediately, which will clear our confusion. We may therefore worry, fret over the situation and / or attempt to find ways to cope. Some may even try to find sly ways to get around the challenges of lock down, social distancing and personal protection. The reality though is that, there is an inherent threat that will keep each of us on our toes. It is this unseen, ever present and possibly fatal treat that is playing havoc with our mind, our behavior, our responses and our sanity. Coping with it requires us to get some sort of a rational explanation that will make sense to us.

Actually, even before such a pandemic, in our own life, at various stages, we have been confused. Things like career choices, matters of relationships, deciding on picking up or giving a miss to crucial opportunities that come at a personal cost are all confusing, challenging and complicated. Yet we took decisions, often keeping fingers crossed, though the path ahead was unclear. What we simply did was weighed the options with the limited understanding we had and took a chance. Not easy for sure, however it was a choice one made. The fears were overtaken by hope, determination and self belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel we chose to move through.

Looking back, there were mistakes galore but there were also spurts of unexpected surprises. Occasionally we even caught an elevator to success, at times we paid a heavy price but when the dust has settled we can see that we did progress, the price was perhaps excessive but the reward was sweet. Oh yes, you can now even see, why things happened the way it happened. Some would attribute it to karma. Others could attribute it to daring decisions taken. Some others could perhaps see it as an outcome of hard work and discipline. Strangely enough, what everyone will normally  agree to is that, whatever happened was for a reason that is now clear.

The future is chartered out. The way may be foggy, it may have pitfalls, it may have thorns or it may be smooth sailing. For the present, do not stress but accept things as they happen, especially when you are powerless to do anything to prevent it. Believe that someday you will know the reason for the trials, tribulations, successes and joys that you embraced on your journey.

Try these:           

  • What was the toughest part of the lock down for you personally? How did you cope with it? What is the one lesson you learned from your lock down experience?
  • Tape any two fingers of your hand and try to function for the whole day with these two fingers taped. How did you feel about the experience? Were there times you wanted to remove the tape out of frustration? Was this frustration partly because you knew that you voluntarily did the experiment?
  • What is one of the happiest events that happened in your life? Looking back did you plan for it or did it happen accidentally? If you planned for it, are you learning from that experience and raising your bar to success higher?

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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