Never mind the crack

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It is rather ironic that today’s post offers hope; for a despondent nation is still trying to pick themselves up after their semi-final loss to…

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Get started …keep going

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Until a few years ago, many motorized vehicles had starting trouble especially in winter and the monsoons. Fortunately with more research and better technology, very…

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That little extra

We are often envious of others, particularly if they have a skill set or ability or demonstrate an aptitude to do things in much better…

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Life lessons

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You will receive a body. Quickly peek at yourself in the mirror. Better still admire your pictures preferably starting with the ones from your childhood,…

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Overcoming Disappointments

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Disappointments arise when outcomes do not meet expectations. As human beings we tend to brood longer over our disappointments but relish our successes fleetingly. Ask…

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Life from a different perspective

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Schooling has developed as a structured way of imparting knowledge in an organized, well paced and hopefully effective manner. Unfortunately traditional schooling has limited creativity,…

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