Do more with less

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One of the problems facing the world is the indiscriminate use of limited resources. As individuals, each of us must examine how individually each of…

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The control challenge

One of the major reasons we are stressed is because we are unable to keep our emotions in check when faced with a dilemma or…

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You can get what you want

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Many of us are disheartened and disappointed in life because we believe that others are more blessed than us. We also view this as being…

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A note to myself

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The beginning of the year is a an excellent time to write a note to one’s own self as a reminder of how one can…

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Have you learned your lesson?

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As children, we were largely dependent on our parents, elders and teachers to help us find our way in life especially learning life skills. Formal…

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Inner peace

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Despite our best efforts to retain our equanimity, we often end up upset, annoyed, irritated, hurt, frustrated and fearful at times. Obviously these emotions make…

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