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With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun.  Anon

The first rays of the sun should not only light up the world but should light up your life every single day. The fact that you can feel the warmth of the sunlight is enough reason to celebrate life because if you cannot feel its warmth then you are no longer living. Being alive is not an accident but a message that your life is to be lived fully, cheerfully, enthusiastically and abundantly. From that perspective, every rising sun invites you to draw strength from it and spread cheer like it does, drawing one and sundry to its bosom.

While obviously it is impossible to merely see each day as a completely new day with no connection to the past, we can definitely see it as a new day that gives you an opportunity to redeem the past and impact the future. Look at each day as a clean slate; the slate was used yesterday, mistakes made when writing on it but end of day it was cleaned and readied to begin all over again. When we start afresh the biggest advantage is that the anxieties of the past would have subsided, our mind a little more clearer and new possibilities emerge from the deepest recess of the heart and mind.

Unfortunately the human mind cannot completely wipe off the pain, the worries, the anxieties that have been accumulated over the past. These continue to irritate, stress out and zap the energies of an individual. However each new day refreshes us mentally, physically and psychologically and thus enables us to be calm, composed and consistent in our thoughts and actions.  Like a baby who is blissful and energetic with no care in the world, we too must attempt to calm ourselves and yet be enthusiastic.  In real life, it is not just the past that burdens us but the future that is a heavier cross to bear. We worry about health, finances, family, relationships etc. and so do not enjoy the 24 hours that are given to us irrespective of who one is.

The best way to make the best of each day is to ensure that gets more waking time.  This does not mean one has to go sleepless but just that we have to try to manage to stretch our waking hours.  With more hours at our disposal, it is essential one has a positive attitude if one has to utilize these hours productively. The focus must be on our priorities that will improve us personally, assist us to improve the environment around and spur us to make a positive difference to society at large. It is when one can influence not just the immediate surroundings but the world at large that one can truly say that one has made full use of our life for each day is a fresh life!

Remember: “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”  Mark Twain

Try this:

  1. Ensure that you do at least 2 actions everyday that will make some stranger happy. It can be as simple as smiling, not getting angry, helping some stranger in some manner, giving alms to a beggar, saying a prayer for someone, sacrificing something for a stranger etc.
  2. Get up each morning with a smile on your face, happiness in your heart, a song on your lips and be grateful for the wonder of a good life. This is not easy when you are stressed, anxious, worried, sick, hurt, downcast, fearful, bored, helpless etc. Each of these emotions will fill your mind with negative thoughts and you will have to make a determined and conscious effort to be positive and remain positive and radiate positive energies.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. marvin hegar

    I believe the quote above is the first line of a poem, titled in the same verse, by poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    1. Bobby Jacob

      Thank you for sharing that information with me. I picked up the quote from another source ( don’t recollect which one) and hence could not share the credit to Ella Wheeler Wilcox. I appreciate you taking time out and making the effort to update me with the information.

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