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So often we rob tomorrow’s memories by today’s economies. John Mason Brown

Stinginess is the perfect word that describes the term economies used in the quote. Far too often we are cutting corners and scrimping and as a result we often end up missing some really beautiful moments. Look back at the many times that you have sacrificed seeing a movie or going on a picnic simply because you thought it was a waste of money. Later when other people are animatedly discussing the movie or picnic we feel lost and annoyed that we missed the fun simply because we tried to cut corners.

Shopping is one area where in most cases depending on the gender, the memories or economies take priority. In most cases the women are blissfully ignorant or conveniently ignore the matter about economies and long after the moneys have been splurged, they can still recount with great clarity and deep passion the wonderful times they have had. The men folk on the other hand are acutely conscious about the outflows and so often end up as spoilt sports when it comes to opening their purse strings.  There are of course exceptions to this rule and that is what makes the play between memories and economies very intriguing.

Gifting is an area where we are prone to either obnoxious spending or terrible frugality. Most times the gifts we chose depend on the person receiving, our relationship with him/her and the occasion. Sadly we focus more on the budget of the gift than the suitability of the gift and as a result often miss out on opportunities to leave behind a lasting memory.  There are times when a person would be thrilled to bits with a very simple gift that is invaluable to him/ her rather than the most expensive gift that is often wasted. It is pointless giving an elderly relative a complex, high tech mobile phone coasting the moon for neither the gift nor its worth can be fully appreciated by the receiver. On the contrary a simple personalized gift like a book or something in crystal would perhaps delight the recipient.  The irony is that we splurge to make the person happy but alas it is a wasted effort that lives no particular memory behind.

Travel is always a costly affair yet it is the one pleasure that leaves behind wonderful memories. Most of the memories remain in the heart but with a quick peek at the photo albums we are almost transposed back into the realms of fantasy of the blissful moments of the tour or journey. Yet very often we make plans only to defer it because we balk at the costs involved. One reason the costs dominate our thoughts is because in our primitive logic, the expenses do not deliver any tangible benefit. This is a fundamental mistake many of us make because money cannot buy pleasant memories nor the ecstasy that comes from reminiscing. What is really not seen is that travel opens the mind, brings hearts closer and sparks romance and tenderness, none of which money can buy.  Don’t economize merely to hoard for nostalgia can never have a price put on it !

Remember: “It’s hard to be nostalgic when you can’t remember anything.”

Try this:

  1. Pull out the old photographs and enjoy the pleasures of those moments. Do you find yourself transposed to those specific place and time and feel the goose pimples. Now ask yourself if you ever thought even once about the cost of those good times???
  2. Don’t make gift giving a ritual. In fact the gifts must be decided upon long before the date of the gifting and if possible ensure that you slot time to boy the gift and not make it an obligation to be fulfilled. Also attempt to gift something different, unusual and suitable to the personality of the person receiving the gift.  While a budget must be kept at the back of the mind, don’t let that become a stumbling block in zooming down on an appropriate gift. List out 3 of the best gifts you received that were cheap and yet something that you really appreciate.

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