Choose joy

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Happiness is a choice that you make every moment of your life. You are reading this possibly because you are happy to read it. Possibly…

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Passion is priceless

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The one question that is uppermost in the minds of people is ‘how can I make a success of myself?’ They are seeking answers that…

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The dance of life

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This is perhaps an ideal time to look back and reflect on how well we enjoyed the music and dance of the year gone by.…

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Reading is breathing for the mind

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Reading is perhaps one of the most enjoyable leisure activities. It certainly is an unavoidable compulsion for students and teachers alike. The ability to read…

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Finding your passion

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One question that often baffles an individual is how one finds his / her passion. It is largely by a trial and error method in…

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Grow like wild flowers

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As individuals, we often believe that we are not distinguished by any great characteristic or ability and that we are therefore consigned to be just…

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Happiness is an inside job

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The secret to happiness is YOU. Sounds rather philosophical but when you reflect on what your definition of happiness is, you realize that only you…

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