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If we really want to live, we’d better start at once to try. W.H. Auden

Daydreaming is a luxury few can afford although most of us do lapse into the idyllic of it off and on. There is nothing wrong in day dreaming provided we can quickly get back to reality and then roll up our sleeves and put our nose to the grind in the hope of beginning to work towards those utopian indulgences. The problem though is that while we day dream, we get caught up in the tranquility and bliss of those thoughts that we almost believe that we are entitled to enjoy those moments for ever. Obviously when in such a trance it is very tough to get out of our stupor and face the harsh reality called life.

Real living is all about toil and sweat and the mantra holds true for both king and beggar. In fact the richer one gets the more the toil simply because one has to put that extra effort to stave off competition, increase wealth and maintain a healthy life – work balance. True a farmer or a mason may have to do much more strenuous physical labor but there is a criticality in the intellectual efforts required too. The message is as simple as it is complex; get going!

Get going is not simply slogging it out. Pure slogging is merely expending energy without any resultant benefit. On the contrary if one develops a long term perspective and can break that down into intermediary plans with clear goals to be achieved at every stage then the slogging becomes purposeful, progress measureable and soon life begins to get a new hue. We do risk the danger though of being caught up in our own progress and success that we spend more time admiring our handiwork than in completing the task on hand. If we can overcome such interjections, suddenly life becomes more bearable nay more pleasurable and work is not just a verb but a beautiful adjective.

Perhaps this explains why people seek life in adventurous arenas with real risk of danger too like joining the armed forces or the police department. They are passionate about their life for the adrenal starts flowing when they are in uniform and power is what they thrive on. They are well aware of the dangers of their job but perhaps that is what gives them a real high in life. Contrast that with the staid and rather boring work style of an accountant or a back office clerk. They prefer the predictability of the routine, the laid back life style and relative quite and unflappable nature of their job. Interestingly even these slow and routine works requires commitment, meticulousness and plain and simple hard work.

No one can ever afford to laze around unless there is something seriously wrong with his/ her mental health. Life is all about keeping active, enjoying the moments and looking forward to tomorrow. Make today count …Get Going!

Remember: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

Try this:

  1. Re examine your life style. Are you being purposeful and goal driven in what you do? Do you simply follow orders or do you also initiate and go beyond the obvious in executing your tasks?
  2. Jot down 25 priorities in your life and reorder them in order of importance to you. Star working on the first one immediately.

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