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No one knows what he can do until he tries. Publilius Syrus

Most people when confronted with a new situation or a new task immediately react with a response that they cannot measure up to it. While it is a normal human response to shy away from what is perceived as tough call, a little rational thinking and logic if applied will make us realize that everything is possible unless we try and fail. To put it differently, unless we try how will we know if we are capable of it? Look at our own life and the numerous new tasks that we have tried at first, failed and yet perceived and become experts at it. Remember the early kindergarten days when evening memorizing the alphabets was a challenge and writing it a very daunting prospect. As we grew learning to swim posed a huge problem of fear of drowning and inability to float and yet today we jump into a pool shrieking with delight. Remember the bruised knees when learning to cycle and confusing clutch and brake while learning to drive. When we persisted we mastered!

One reason we fail to try is simply fear of failure. The embarrassment of failure has been the biggest stumbling block to people daring to attempt. Most of us don’t even realize our full potential because we are not prepared to take risks, explore different avenues and are secure in the comfort of the routine. In real, almost all of us fail in our first attempt at anything new and yet with singularity of purpose, a steely resolve and a unquenchable thirst we can repeatedly attempt till we achieve what we set out to do. Look at a small baby’s first attempt at standing up and walking all by itself. The child will fall repeatedly, perhaps even hurting itself in the process but it strives and finally achieves its first baby steps.  One reason for it is its natural instincts but equally important is its carving to walk and lack of fear of falling.

Another major reason for us failing to try is because we are tempted to visualize something new in a grossly distorted manner. Right from seeing the task as much tougher than what it really is, we go on to imagine that it requires superhuman efforts to achieve it and as a lastly  simply rationalize that we are ignorant of how to go about it. True that anything new poses a challenge and sometimes by sheer fluke we may get it right first time but that simply boosts our confidence thought it may also trigger grossly exaggerated expectations from onlookers. Imagine trying to play pool for the first time and in your first attempt you manage to pocket the correct ball. You are acutely aware that there needs to be a right stance and proper style to use the cue and yet the thrill of pocketing the ball remains imprinted in your mind.

Most people don’t try anything new simply because they are happy with the status quo and wonder why they want anything more in life if it involves trying something new. At best we may experiment with new restaurants, new malls and new movies and the like. The common thread being it is near risk free and does not make us get involved too much. Youngsters will attempt to imitate others so as to be up to date on style but in reality they are going with the trend and not really creating something new. It takes a lot of courage to buck the trend be it style, beliefs, goals etc. How many of us are prepared to follow ones heart desire when choosing a future? Do we really have to courage to be trail blazers and change agents? Can we let go the security of our normal life and furrow a different path that may be full of surprises, shocks, difficulties but nevertheless promise tremendous adventure and excitement?  When we can cut the umbilical cord that ties us to our past only then can we say, we tried something new and when we did not succeed we tried again until we succeeded!

Remember: “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” Beverly Sills

Try this:

  1. Attempt a new type of exercise routine. Eg. If you do yoga try aerobics or vice versa. Notice how inhibited you are initially but how you soon gain expertise in the new style.
  2. If you have a secret desire it is time you made a beginning towards attaining it. Whatever your desire put on paper the steps required to achieve it. Then before the week is out start working on step one that you have listed. Eg. You want to learn music. Identify the type of music, the time slot available to you and locate the possible teachers. Begin by at least reading up on the type of music you are interested in.

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