Anxieties are passe…

Do not think of all your anxieties, you will only make yourself ill. Shih King

One of the real reasons that we are not as effective as we could be is the fact that we are constantly distracted by our anxieties and cannot focus on what we ought to do. While it is only human to take on the tensions and anxieties what is important is to ensure that we try an address the issues without getting obsessed by it. Depending on the nature of the anxiety and the person’s temperament, each person has a different method of handling and coping with anxieties. Some bottle up their feelings, others tell all and sundry; some others feel restless and nervous while others simply go into a shell and avoid all forms of interaction. There would be others who will get aggressive and loud mouthed while others will silently scheme and plot to extract their pound of flesh. What is common is that most people will walk around with their anxieties firmly entrenched in their psyche.

It is not easy to overcome the trauma and nervousness of an impending problem and a prolonged wait leads to panic and anxiety. Under such circumstances the psychological trauma can manifest itself in varied forms of behavioral and physical problems including illness. The good news though is that there is nothing really permanent in this world and so all our fears and anxieties too will come to an end sooner or later. This is a great realization and the sooner we are able to comprehend it, the easier it will be for us to divert our attention to more pleasant thoughts of forthcoming happy occasions, events and possibilities. Focusing on the positives not only calms us down but gives us a motivation to look forward to the morrow.

When we are faced with a problem, the best recourse is to accept it and meet it with a clam and optimistic outlook. Let us assume that you have made a critical error in an important report that you have submitted to top management. While the consequences can be very sever, by not owning up and having the courage to tell management about the error we are simply prolonging our agony, and worse still not giving management a chance to do damage control. In other extreme cases where the problem is beyond redemption as would be the case if someone close to you is diagnosed as having an advanced stage of cancer, we need to get over our shock quickly and then work on minimizing the impact of that news. We can prepare the patient to face the reality, get the family ready to accept the harsh truth and at the same time make arrangements to have the best possible treatment so that the suffering and pain is minimized for all.

Anxiety indicates panic and turbulence. By minimizing anxiety we can get ourselves to think more clearly and rationally and look at the positives that are there waiting to be discovered. It also help us accept the reality more calmly, see the truth more candidly and fortify ourself spiritually, mentally emotionally and physically.

Remember: “Anxiety is the rust of life, destroying its brightness and weakening its power. A childlike and abiding trust in Providence is its best preventive and remedy.”

Try this:

  1. When you study your daily ‘To Do’ list, invariably there will some tasks that you despise. Begin your day by tackling those tasks first and notice how relaxed you feel after that.
  2. Outline your 5 worst fears in life. E.g Bankruptcy, Death of a loved one etc. Now rationally look at each and see what is the probability of each of it occurring. Also examine the precautions one can take to minimize the chances of facing such a situation. Work on those precautions at the earliest.

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