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You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.  Billy Wilder

Unless one has a dream one cannot realize it. That is why is imperative that each of us have a dream so that when we get up each day there is something exciting and challenging for us to achieve and focus on. Most of us don’t even sleep well, and that is perhaps the reason we cannot have a dream. Many of us have nightmares during the day so we do not sleep well at night. Reality is that everyone has his/ her share of difficulties and his / her share of hopes aspirations and dreams.  What matters most is to first recognize our dreams for only then can we pursue it.

The problem many of us have is we chase too many dreams. We constantly shift our dreams and in the process do not focus our attention on what is really essential and immediate. Many of us have a very hazy idea of our dreams more money, more comforts, more happiness and more of everything that is material is the mantra we often live by. We cannot define how much is more and therein lies the problem of outlining what we want. E.g At this point make a rough sketch of the dream house that you would like to have. It is just a sketch so give vent to your imagination and don’t limit yourself by any form of budget constraints. Notice how hard it is for you to  decide the layout, the style, the number of rooms etc.

How can I know what my dream is? This is a question that troubles nearly all of us.  A simple way to identify your dream is to pause and reflect on what is it that constantly disturbs you. Focus on that and perhaps your dream will exist there. Eg. You always dream of owning your own business but you are an employee in a company.  Now starting your business may be the dream you have to realize. So begin by planning out the type of business that you think will suit your background. Work on the finer aspects of location, budget, competition, funding etc. All this will require hard work and extensive study. Notice though that because you have a dream you prepare to realize it and everyday your are excited , charged up and closer to realizing your dream.

It is also imperative to recognize that no one can realize a dream all by ones self. It requires the support and collaboration of many people. That is why we need to share our dream with others and be able to enlist their support. This automatically helps us focus and clarify on what our dream is and how we plan to realize it. Many times we get a boost from our potential collaborators who will encourage us and also give us valuable advice that can give better shape to our plans. To realize ones dream we need to have a dream and then get up each morning enthused and invigorated that soon we shall make our dream a reality.

Remember: A dream is not what you see when you sleep…It’s the thing which does not let you sleep” Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Try this:

  1. Make a list of 5 things you want to achieve before you die. Now break down each of those into 5 steps that you will need to do to achieve it and put a time frame against each step. Tape this list in a place that you can see it every day and start work on the dreams immediately.
  2. Form the habit of daily listing out things to do tomorrow before going to bed or better still before leaving your office. Start your day by going through that list and doing the work listed and evaluating your success each evening before you draw up the to do list for the next day.

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