A candle called YOU

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It is easy to think of candles as a relic of the past. Yet, visit a shrine and invariably you will find people lighting up…

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Believe and achieve

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Hopefully those who read the previous post have, in addition to their personal New Year Resolutions, taken the effort of jotting down some additional challenges,…

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Expectations are a gift not a burden

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It takes a really different perspective, to understand and appreciate, how an expectation becomes a gift and that it is not a burden. Remember the…

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The scars tell a story

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As one goes through life, an individual encounters various experiences; some pleasant, a few unpleasant and some experiences are so traumatic that they remain lifelong,…

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Discover yourself and showcase it

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The first step is to believe you are unique… different from your siblings, your twin and from every other human being ever created or to…

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The 5 W’s of Life

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X Y and Z have always got their share of glory or infamy depending on how much you liked algebra and geometry but it is…

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No matter how you feel

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At some time or the other, especially on Monday mornings many of us are prone to feel lazy, lousy and lethargic. There are other times…

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Sincere prayers

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Cold prayers shall never have any warm answers. Thomas B. Brooks The warmth with which we shake hands and greet a person often sets the…

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