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It is easy to think of candles as a relic of the past. Yet, visit a shrine and invariably you will find people lighting up candles despite the fact that the place is well lit. It is symbolic of the faith that one reposes albeit in the fond hope of getting a favor done. A candle is merely a carrier of light, much like a torch. Yet, it is the light that one yearns for when in the dark. The carrier of light be it a torch or a candle is much sought after then, for that is the only way to ensure the light stays on for a longer period of time. Ironically in today’s day and age, a candle is hard to locate at home not because we do not value it but because we treat it as just to be used rarely, sparingly and hopefully never ever. So the candle is casually kept in some corner or drawer much out of sight.

As individuals we often feel that we are treated like candles. Look back at the sudden phone calls from long lost friends or casual acquaintances. We immediately scan the background of the personal mentally wondering what possible reason could have motivated her/ him to call. We also jump to a conclusion that they remember us because they have a favor to ask of us. Fact is, we too remember some people only when we require their help and we know that they care in a position to help us.

In reality we cannot achieve anything on our own only. At the same time we cannot be in touch with others all the time. So when people get in touch out of the blue, feel like a candle that has much to offer when the room is dark. Bear in mind that every individual has something tangible to contribute no matter how big or small. At times someone may call you up merely to get a phone number of a person known to you. The only thing you do is pass the number on but at the point it is a critical help for the other person. There are times when people call just because they either remembered you or because they chanced upon your telephone number. Be glad that they feel comfortable connecting with you. Ask yourself who are those people who you know well but do not want to connect with at all?

If you connect the dots, you will realize that you are much sought after when, others perceive you as helpful, understanding, respectful and empathetic. Have you ever visualized yourself as an individual who is blessed with so many virtues?

Try these:           

  • What are those endearing qualities in another person that enable you to connect with that person even after long periods of non communication? How many of such qualities do you possess?
  • Why do you think a candlelight dinner is considered romantic?
  • Who would you like to gift a scented candle to next?

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Bobby Jacob

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