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20-8-06 Apr20- Adopt the pace of nature

With everyone cooped at home feeling frustrated, fearful and frantic for some respite, it is perhaps apt that we take a lesson from nature; adopting the pace of nature, her secret is patience.

In the first place, one must realize that if we had adopted natures pace and not usurped our natural resources indiscriminately, our progress would have been slow and steady. Since we chose to be belligerent with our intellect, unsatiated by our greed and disrespectful of nature’s bounty, we have been dealt a knockout punch by nature itself. Ironically nature itself has hastened her pace to spread the illness, perhaps as a timely reminder to us mortals that nature has its own way of balancing out and steam rolling mans ego, pride and cocking a snook at so called technological advancement.

Now that we have been held in a vice like grip by nature’s fury and locked in, it is the ideal time to humbly go back to nature and gain the most valuable lesson that secret of life lies in patiently living life.

So now learn to value your time; yes those 24 hours now seem like 48 hours each day. However you can make it feel like a mere 12 hours if you can have control over your time and by being self disciplined.

Be patient with your surroundings; however big a house you have you have to confine yourself within that space; suffocating is it? Did you even pause and think if we were being cruel to cage wild animals? In nature the big trees, the creepers, the shrubs all have adapted to living side by side. In many cases they have adapted to benefit from those around even though it seems like a contradiction of sorts. It is a similar sort of situation for us. Perhaps we feel claustrophobic; maybe we feel overwhelmed by the challenges of keeping our surroundings clean. Be patient and  adapt; have a system in place; be disciplined and you will have control over the environment around you.

Value the presence of those around you. Perhaps, for many, this is the first time you are spending so much of time in close proximity with no alternative but to be with them. Without them your life would have been even more morose, terribly boring, certainly silent and definitely suffocating. If you have a tough time adjusting to them remember they are doing their best to adjust with you. Perhaps you have learned many varied facets of the individuals around you; things you took for granted or qualities you never knew they had. Most of all you may realize that love is the one emotion that given out in large measure comes back in double that measure.

Learn patiently to endure and adapt. Evolution was nature’s way of patiently adapting to the changing environment. Now that you have all the time in the world to do all what you want to do are really utilizing your time well?  You may argue that you are unable to move out and do things. If you were incapacitated physically the situation would have been the same; so now learn to adapt and find new ways of being engaged fruitfully and remaining happy. Many of us are fortunate to have the technology, the resources and the knowledge be engaged in a whole lot of activities that the less fortunate are not privy too. We also have the financial resources to cope with the challenges of being unemployed, not having the income streams and not having to beg for our daily food. Can we then stop being impatient with the temporary hardships and lack of fun activities and learn to appreciate the good fortune we are blessed with?

Try these:           

  • Can you share some innovate tips about how you improved the environment around you when in the lock down?
  • Make a list of appreciative qualities that you began to value in those around you.
  • How did you imaginatively use the time that the lock down forcibly thrust upon you? Did you make any personal discoveries about your own self?
  • What was the most frustrating part of the lock down for you? How did you cope with it?

You can email your responses to [email protected] .

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Bobby Jacob

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