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The past couple of months and the past few weeks in particular, have dramatically changed the world as we knew it. From free spirits who chased their dreams, demanded their rights, globe trotted without a care, suddenly life has come to a standstill or more correctly a lockdown. The irony of the lockdown was that it has spared no one, yet threatened everyone and forced the world to stop, pause, look inward and sacrifice freedom.

Perhaps now is the time to reflect on the following facts:

Life is short – For the very many, especially those who took ill suddenly and passed away due to the virus life ended rather unexpectedly. For the rest of us, the fear that life can be very short is the reason we are taking the self quarantine and lockdown seriously. For the migrants though it is not the same fear that is driving them back to their home towns. They fear shortages, lack of income and the need to be around loved ones during difficult times. Yes they too fear for their future and want to ensure their life is neither miserable nor short and hence the desperation to return back to their native land.

Time is fast – Ironic that in a lockdown, time moves slowly. Yet it is just the perfect reminder as to how busy a life we lead, with no time to stand and stare, as the poet would say. Perhaps now we realize how important it is to stop, pause, look around, appreciate what we have and respect what nature provided us.  Perhaps we also have a better appreciation of people at home, the need to act more responsibly and the truly value our time on this planet.

No replay – Hopefully we will overcome the current pandemic and lockdown and social distancing and never have a replay. For that matter, we rarely have a repeat day in our life; ever day is a new day with new hopes, challenges, successes, failures, pain and joy. How we would like to have a replay of our best moments in life; that is not going to happen. Fortunately that holds true for our worst moments too.

No rewind– We may rewind and watch a tape or a serial or a movie. Life is not going to give us that chance. So we must always put our best foot forward, grasp every opportunity, make amends for failures quickly and live life each moment. Life is boring when we do things as if rewinding and repeating our efforts with no commitment or love for what we do. Each day find a new motivation to do your job well. Enjoy the process, the company, the results. You will never want to rewind your life because you now know how to make tomorrow exciting.

So enjoy every moment as it comes – Lockdown is terrible; it is worse when you think of it that way. How about seeing lockdown time, as a very rare opportunity gifted to you, to spend more time at home, with people who matter most to you and for a cause that is in your best interest as well as that of the nation? You don’t have to sacrifice your life on the battle front or a medical frontline warrior or as a provider of essential services. You are simply called to remain home. Have you ever seen it as a privilege given to the very few during a very rare time? See it that way and now make the most of every moment that you are at home. Do things that you always wanted to do from home? Explore your talents. Make a list of things you appreciate about those around you. Make a list of things you would want to do once you are free from the lockdown. Utilize the time well and enjoy the process.

Try these:           

  • Call up a few people with whom you have not connected in a very long time but whose friendship/ relationship you value very much. E.g. a former colleague / classmate / a teacher / a distant relative
  • Make 5 goodie bags with whatever resources you currently have to give out free to an old age home / migrant workers / orphanage etc.
  • Pick out three of your most favorite things and decide whom you will gift it to. As soon as you can do take the effort to gift it away with a small note on why they deserve that gift.

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Bobby Jacob

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