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TransformationThe overwhelming majority of people around the world are never happy or satisfied. They seem to have more questions than answers; more confusion than clarity and certainly more expectations than satisfaction. Dissatisfaction is not because they lack something as much as it is because they are constantly searching for something elusive and unfortunately they do not what it is. We are therefore constantly searching for answers but are not clear about what the question is. As a result we latch on to answers and frame questions to suit the answers. This results in us swamped with information but not enough direction as to how one should organise, channelize and utilise it. In today’s post we shall attempt to identify a few questions for which we are constantly searching for answers so that the resultant answers can help us transform ourselves to be more productive individuals.

Meaning / purpose of life – This is perhaps a question that every single individual has found impossible to avoid and equally difficult to answer. We attempt to find its meaning in religious texts, moral and theological interpretations or in the logic and rationale that we are blessed with it. While often our pursuits lead us to the cusp of the answer, the clear answer seems elusive. Despite not finding the exact goal of our life, each of us has lived a reasonably fulfilling life, have avoided the opinion of giving up on life and we carry on doing our duties as a child/ an adult/ a parent. Be aware of how seamlessly you have transformed as you grow physically, mentally and philosophically by focusing on ‘doing’.

Happiness in life – One of the common misconceptions many of us have is that having enough money / wealth will make us happy. There is no doubt that wealth / money has a very significant role to play in ensuring that we have happiness that comes from economic freedom. However, what we overlook are the innumerable other factors that can make us very unhappy, dissatisfied and perhaps even lonely, forlorn and depressed. Happiness is the by product of our attitude to our life. As long as a person accepts his/ her limitations, appreciates the blessings showered on him/ her and is ready to move out of his/ her comfort zone, one would always be happy with whatever life has to offer. Transform your attitude and embrace happiness.

Redemption from pain – If we could, none of us would ever want a semblance of pain be it tooth ache, a heart ache or the pain of losing a loved one. We believe that without pain we would be happy and that is a blissful state to be in. Yet, we forget that but for pain we would not realise the value of happiness, realise the blessings we have been showered with nor the value of what we have be it wonderful parents and siblings or the good health we take for granted or the financial strength that makes us far richer than so many around us. We can never erase pain from our life. However you can transform that pain to gain by embracing the principle that ‘pain is inevitable suffering is optional’.

Bliss in heaven – Death is an uncomfortable thought and yet an unavoidable one. Ideally we would love to live long, die peacefully and expect to have eternal bliss thereafter. The reality though is that we never know when death beckons us nor do we have any evidence about blissful afterlife. Ideally therefore we must focus on creating our own blissful heaven on earth. This is possible if we allow ourselves to be empathetic individuals who have concern and care for all that we can influence. First focus on the self; values, attitude and commitment. Once you align these, move on to be in sync with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and society at large. We need to accept our differences, participate proactively in dealings with those around and integrate ourselves with those around us. Finally get associated with societal, environmental and political issues. See yourself transform not just yourself but the environment around you and before you realize it you will find bliss in the heaven you have created.

Try this:

  • In one sentence can you enumerate the purpose of your life? ( you can also interpret this to mean what do you want to be remembered for )
  • What is the one change you would want in your life that would give you tremendous happiness ?
  • If you had an option to choose your age of death what age would you want to live till?
  • List out one demand you would petition your government to implement. Similarly list out one environmental and social concern that you would like to be actively involved in.
  • If there is one cause for which you would readily contribute what will that cause be? Now take out your purse/ wallet and pull out exactly 50% of the money in it and donate it to the cause you have identified. (Transformation is intent translated into action)

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Bobby Jacob

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