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11- 27th July 14 - Never DespairOne of the concerns of every human being is his/ her anxiety about the future. This is largely the result of 3 factors; our wistful hope that we can be enveloped by happiness at all times, our innate desire to live up to the expectations of others and our reluctance to accept disappointments or failures. The fact that there are unexpected twists and turns that crop up each day, further complicates our life, adds to our anxieties and makes tomorrow seem a formidable reality, for nothing is sure.

If one pauses and thinks hard, each today is nothing but a collection of yesterdays which we have combated successfully. This means no matter what the challenge, whatever the uncertainty and irrespective of overwhelming odds, we can triumph. This gives us a clue as to how to cope with the certainty of uncertainty that we are destined to live with but well equipped to cope with. The answer lies in the innumerable possibilities that open up simply because when nothing is sure, everything is possible.

Identifying and grabbing possibilities that can be profitably harnessed by us is possible, if one is able to view it from a prism that filters the future through the following lens.

Be optimistic – Since we live in a dynamic world, we will always be beset with changes of varying nature. There are moments when we are thrilled and then there are moments of frustration; there are moments of ecstasy and there will be moments of agony; there will be times when we despair and times when we feel invincible. The challenge for us is to come to terms with the reality and to visualise the residue of good that still exists long after the pain of the problem has gone. Scoring poorly in exams is a very painful process but it is not the end of the world. Sometimes we discover our true strength in those subjects in which we score better or think up alternatives for our future that we never explored before. Train yourself to visualise and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be pragmatic – Every passing moment is dynamic and throws up a clutch of possibilities. At this precise point you have the choice to read further or to delve into another task. You will read further if you see it as adding value, perceive the contents as useful and imagine that reading further will give you additional positive inputs. On the other hand if you have an exam coming up, reading this further should not be a priority over studying for the exams. Notice that the choice exists, the possibilities are real; you have to decide what the most pragmatic thing to do is.

Seek positives – Look at a problem as a riddle to be solved. View it as a challenge that tests out imagination, helps us conjure ingenious solutions and fires up our spirit of resilience. Problems could also be nature’s way of slowing us down when we are possibly hurtling down a path of self destruction. A failure in exams or a pink slip at work might actually be just the right medicine that enables us to recover stronger. A wrong turn on a journey might just give you a breathtaking view just as a missed flight may have saved your life. The key to finding positives is to acceptance of the reality and then focusing on what good has come from the situation you are in.

Create opportunities – The human race has survived because our ancestors never gave up when faced with problems. They tried to find out ways and means to overcome or circumvent the problem they faced. Later they anticipated problems and worked on possible ways to effectively deal with the problem thus creating opportunities for themselves. Opportunities are also created by having a vision that is transcribed into a goal and then translated into a solution. In fact you will shape your future by the opportunities that you create rather than the problems that you overcome/ solve.

So when nothing is sure, there is an opportunity to create and attain what you want.

Try this:

Make a list of 3-5 things you have never done in your life but would definitely love to do sometime in your life. Outline a plan to create an opportunity to make it happen.

List out three disappointments in your life. Can you make a list of at least 2 positives for each of these disappointments?

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