Leveraging your potential

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From childhood to adolescence and from then on to adulthood is a process that we can see evolving. The physical and mental changes during this…

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Curiosity is a special talent

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A common lament of most people is that they cannot identify any single ability/ talent that they posses. They blame this limitation for their lack…

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The dance of life

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This is perhaps an ideal time to look back and reflect on how well we enjoyed the music and dance of the year gone by.…

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Focus on what you see

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One of the problems many of us have is our inability to really identify something positive to focus upon. This is partly because our minds…

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The control challenge

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One of the major reasons we are stressed is because we are unable to keep our emotions in check when faced with a dilemma or…

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The child in us

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As we grow up there is a tendency to think more rationally, behave more maturely and respond more circumspectly. The fact is that with age…

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Focus and get clarity

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Clarity of thought is a quality that is essential for every individual so that he /she can progress forward in the right direction. Unfortunately for…

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Making yesterday jealous

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One of the biggest challenges that human beings face is feeling enthusiastic everyday and enjoying each moment of life. One way is to define a…

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Can you photoshop your life ?

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It is not what you are but what you make of yourself that will ultimately define you. However, to do that one must be able…

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