Developing a good picture of your life

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On the face of it the quote seems misplaced in this world of digital cams for the digital cameras have made it  so easy and cheap to go click click click that one can shoot anything and then keep deleting what is not needed. Take a second look at the visual and you realize that even the accompanying visual when juxtaposed with the wordings seems so blatantly incongruent. Attempting to understand and interpret the quote seems a sheer waste of time. Yet, it is precisely the irony in the quote and visual that makes the quote so relevant and apt to each of us.

By nature we tend to lap in all the experiences that we encounter. We do also cherish the good times and fond memories. However far too often we let the unpleasant, the failures and the pain to guide our thoughts, actions and decisions leaving us circumspect and preferring to err on the side of caution rather than exposing our abilities and talents to grow wings and soar. This is also what we do with our random camera shots, always hoping to delete the bad shots, the irrelevant frames and the duplicate shots but never really executing it. As a result we end up cluttering our picture files, find it hard to retrieve the most relevant ones and often forget the excellent shots we have taken.

On the other hand, even the digital cam despite its ease of use design, does tend to throw up a lot of distorted images because the camera shook or there was very poor lighting. However the pictures that we find most useless are the ones which are excellently captured but very poorly composed because we didn’t pay attention to the background and setting. Look at each moment of our life as a digital picture taken 24by 7. We do have some days which hurt us, some that defeat us, a few that seems wasted and then there are those special moments filled with joy, happiness and exuberance. Rewind those memoires and perhaps one can find bitter experiences that have played a vital part in ensuring that we experience also many an exuberant moment. The strict parent or teacher who ensured that discipline was instilled. The first failure and the empathy of a caring sibling or parent or friend. Once we are able to frame the memories in the right way the emerging picture gets sharply composed in our mind.

To take a picture we have to ensure that there is a film roll properly loaded if the camera is the analogue type or if it is a digital camera we have to ensure that the battery is having sufficient charge. The equivalent of that roll or battery in our life is our ATTITUDE. By having the right attitude we can always ensure we capture the best no matter what the setting, the mood or the background. Failure would then seem to be an experience to learn from, a personal handicap just a special challenge and achievement would be our objective and not mere glory.  Faith and self belief would be our mantra that would spur us to dare, do and triumph.

Try this:

  1. From your personal collection of photographs choose 5 favorite pictures and for each picture you chose write 3 reasons why that picture finds a special place in your estimation.
  2.  Using a digital camera try to take 5 different shots of the following.
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Human emotions
  • Quirky scenes

Was there a challenge that acted as an impetus to take those shots? Did you manage to click each of these pictures in just 1 shot? Did you give up because the challenge was overwhelming?

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Bobby Jacob

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  1. Leoma

    I’m really inspired with your writing abilities as well as with the structure for your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way stay up the nice high quality writing, it’s uncommon
    to peer a great weblog like this one these days..

    1. Hi

      First of all thank you for taking time out to offer your comments. I am delighted by your appreciative comment and your endorsement of the blog as something unique and welcome. Glad also to note your pointed reference to my writing abilities which is a great motivator for me.

      To answer your queries, I have not customized the blog layout nor is it paid theme. You would notice the Theme as Mistylook written at the fag end of the blog page. The only thing I have done is chosen a clean layout, standardized the presentation layout and not made frequent changes to the layout or presentation style.

      Please do continue giving me your feedback and if you can do feel free to share the blog links with your email,Wordpress,Blogspot,FB,Twitter contacts, as also your family and friends.

      Thank you once again for your warm and encouraging feedback and I look forward to more comments on the posts.



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