Start and then only will you succeed

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Action will remove the doubts that theory cannot solve. Tehyi Hsieh

When I first started writing this blog a year ago, on 1st January 2010, I had planned to write around 500 words, daily on the quote of the day. No sooner had I decided on it I was assailed by self doubts. Would I be able to stand up to the rigors of the target I had set for myself? Was I competent to propound on topics / quotes that could stump me? Would I be motivated sufficiently to write consistently and maintain quality? Who would read the blogs? The questions were coming in torrents and with each question I started questioning my own wisdom of setting myself an ambitious target. Fortunately for me, the rational side of my brain was overwhelmingly urging me on to start the blog and then experience the pain and pleasure of the venture before I succumbed to my own misgivings and self doubts.

Today as I complete one year of almost daily blogging, I have realized how true the quote of today proved to be. There have been breaks in my steadfast resolve; there have been times when I was sorely tempted to give it all up and there were times especially during the initial phase when I really wondered if my efforts were worth it. The key is to begin in faith, pursue with purpose and to find motivation along the way in whatever we attempt. Most times we make the startling discovery that most of our fears were imaginary and completely irrational if put to the test.  To test our theories, it is essential that we begin in faith else we will be attempting to fail. Faith in ourselves, our beliefs and our abilities will ensure that we work in earnest, have the fortitude to overcome obstacles along the way and will ourselves to succeed. On the other if our focus is just on making a cursory attempt the chances are that we will give up the moment we run into some problem or encounter some roadblocks for these will reinforce our original theory that we may not succeed.

Although well begun is half done as the popular saying goes, doing the next half of the task requires us to have a definite purpose and focus. Take the case of student studying for a competitive exam. The amount of effort put in to succeed with high marks would be boosted by a larger goal of not just getting good marks but having a more tangible goal like getting into the top 3 universities. In writing my blogs, the goal was not just to write everyday, but to write so that I could influence lives everyday. This gave me the firm resolve to write no matter how tired I was, to work on the posts even when circumstances did not encourage me and to put the posting of the blog posts on a higher priority than what it would be under normal circumstances. Ultimately it is our motivation that is the icing on the cake that makes the whole effort so attractive and alluring. The number of hits on the site (currently around 43,250), the number of followers (currently around 330) and the comments and feedback (check these on ) were the motivators that spurred me on to write daily, write passionately and rewrite when the contents didn’t meet my own standards of excellence.

Permit me the liberty of taking this opportunity to thank all my readers and particularly the followers of this blog for their encouraging feedback . The visitor statistic indicates that this blog is fairly  popular and as I understand also motivational and inspirational for many. I would welcome your feedback on how this blog can be improved further and would request your inputs on other/  additional the topics that you want me to cover in this blog .I would also invite you to visit my Weekly Blog.

Remember: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Try this:

  1. If you have liked this blog have you attempted to write a comment or give a feedback? If not what has held you back from giving a feedback? If you disagreed with some of the contents have you expressed yourself? If not can you attempt it now?
  2. If you haven’t listed out your New Year resolution this is the time to do it. Take a pen and paper or simply type in your resolutions on the computer right now. BEGIN working on those New Year Resolutions RIGHT NOW.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

‘ He hopes to have a positive influence on his readers through his blog posts’

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Liz

    Keep going, Bobbychan! Your daily posts are truly inspiring. Congrats on completing one year. Don’t know if you realize this… but you’re definitely changing lives and making this world a better place… 🙂

    1. Hi Liz

      You have always been very appreciative of my posts and thanks for taking time out once again and being generous with your praises. Best Wishes to you for the New Year 2011.

  2. V. Balaji

    Your writing is really inspiring. I have been going through the tit-bits you post every day or I come across; I make it as a point to go through completely. There are abundant information available, though people are exposed to such info earlier. Nevertheless, when I visit, I reinstate those things which I learnt and imbibe some others which I never been exposed to.

    “Reading makes a real man and writing makes a perfect Man” – as the saying goes, you are becoming perfect day-by-day. continue the spirit and continue writing.

    V. Balaji
    Head – HR
    Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd
    Chennai – 600 101

  3. gharendra

    I am completely agree with Liz.. You Rockkkksssssss

    And congo for completing 1 year.

  4. Dhiru

    As you suggested, i wold like to suggest you an additional topic to cover in this blog.
    It is nothing but how to overcome from negativeness. As you said that you started writing blog and continuously forcing your self to do better. This is good but it is not possible for each one of us. For example, i had decided many things to do in 2010, but i ended with half done and due to that my negative feeling was mounted. And due to that i was scared to do other things too. And it happened. It continuous in other things too. Example to study hard,being a good person(brother/son etc). But i cannot push myself beyond a limit. How can i overcome this situation? I used to read positive things but it didn’t matter fairly.

    1. Hi Dhiru

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. I shall definitely add a blog post to address your problem. In the meanwhile I am sure you will find a number of other posts in the blog that would be helpful for you to keep up your spirits, drive away the negatives and spur you on to take up the challenge of focusing on your resolutions for the coming year 2011. Perhaps you could rewrite your goals fpr the coming year using the SMART goal technique to ensure that there is both clarity in the goal and a clear roadmap to attain it. Best Wishes for the New Year 2011 and may you have much more success with your goals this year.



      1. Dhiru

        Thank you sir for your quick response. I appreciate your job.

  5. Arun Melville

    Dear Mr. Jacob,

    This site is excellent work you are doing, I read your blog daily. Thanks for all your efforts. I also get to learn many new words in English it’s been immense learning.
    I wish to keep in touch with you in your personal mail so that I can be of some help to you, would appreciate if you could share your details.

    Arun Melville.

    1. Hi Arun…Thank you for your positive comments on the blog and your warm appreciation of my writing. You can write in to me at [email protected]. I look forward to more of your comments and feedback. Regards Jacob

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