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Never complain about your troubles; they are responsible for more than half of your income. Robert R. Updegraff

Stop to think about this profound observation once again before you read on. Now quickly calculate your bank balance and estimate what the source of income is and simultaneously ask yourself if you love everything about your source of income. You can be sure if you had a choice you would definitely like to trim a few unpleasant chores that are part of your current job profile or maybe you want to change your current income source /profile altogether. Yet, the lure of the income more than compensates for the pain of putting up with a nagging boss, indisciplined co workers, long hours of work, the constant stress at work, the repetitive and boring nature of your work etc.

Troubles have a way of sneaking in and as much as you try to side step it, they have the uncanny knack of sticking like a leech. No sooner that you overcome one set of troubles another set is ready for the onslaught and the repercussions tyrannical. The fillip side is that most troubles eventually subside and occasionally go off and more importantly these troubles are the reason you get rewarded. Some troubles if borne with a grin and pleasant demeanor give instant income as is the case of all those who get tipped; be it waiters at a restaurant, the bell hop or the  cab driver.  For many others like insurance brokers, real estate agents, salesmen and the like the rewards are directly linked to the quantum of sale and this involves not just persuasion but even persistence, self belief and tremendous patience.

For most mortals who are employed the job profile is always a mixed bag with little choice left to us. Not only does the job get boring and repetitive but the lack of appreciation, the invariable berating of superiors and the fine tightrope walking at the work place balancing equations with colleagues are troubles that weigh heavily on you. Yet the monthly/ fortnightly/ weekly paycheck more than outweighs the troubles that you have to put up with. For the self employed and the business tycoons they love their independence but when the economy is down and the creditors keep knocking at the door and the liabilities are piling up, the troubles suddenly seem to be multiplying. With no one to blame, no escape route and not alternatives the only recourse is to squarely face the troubles even if it means having to beg or borrow. Yet when the going is good, the tax man plays spoil sport, the employees behave like unruly children and the household budgets leap frog and ensure that your troubles are far from over.

Look at the beggars on the street who have to bear the brunt of dirt and squalor not to mention the inhuman treatment meted out by passerbyers , the harassment of the law enforcers  and the ignominy of never knowing what they get at the end of the day. Yet, for all their troubles, they earn and survive and for them their whole earnings is based on the troubles they put up with. Maybe our troubles pale in comparison; but we definitely earn an income completely disproportionate to our troubles. Amen

Remember: “The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles”

Try these:

  1. Draw up a balance sheet of all the troubles and rewards of your job. The troubles to be put on the liability side and the rewards on the income side. Don’t forget that having a job / work/ business is the biggest fixed asset. Perhaps now you can see why your balance sheet is asset heavy !
  2. Pick out 3- 5 of your troubles and ask how much (in % age) of your income are you willing to part with for someone else to take over that trouble. This will give you another perspective about how the troubles are nothing compared to the income that they generate.

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