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They who are the most persistent, and work in the true spirit, will invariably be the most successful.  Samuel Smiles For many people starting a…

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The person with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection. Johann von Goethe One of the toughest questions to answer in an…

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Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor. Ulysses S. Grant Work has been the one goal that has kept the…

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Do your best

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Nothing of worthy or weight can be achieved with half a mind, with a faint heart, and with a lame endeavor. Isaac Barrow Observe children…

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Get Going

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Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action. Brendan Francis Man is not just a social animal, but a thinking…

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No one reaches a high position without daring. Publilius Syrus Dare –Do –Win is a common slogan that many graduating classes have printed on their…

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Be Yourself

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To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.   Baruch Spinoza  We are always…

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