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To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.   Baruch Spinoza

 We are always influenced by the environment around us particularly the human contact that is constantly there around us right from birth. Our behavior, manners, communication skills, education, thought process, attitudes, passions, dislikes are all molded by the circumstances and environment in which we grow up and are exposed to. Despite these influences, there is an individuality that is so unique to each person that try as much as we may to imitate others, we still cannot hide our individuality. Our voice, tone, choice of words, dress sense, eating habits, daily routine, beliefs, responses etc. are overwhelming our own though it may have shades of influence of others.

 Imitation is the best form of flattery for the person being imitated, but perhaps the worst style of individuality by those imitating. As individuals, we need to preserve and exhibit our individuality in order to stand out and be known for what we are. We often mistakenly believe that we are too insignificant to be of any importance. What we forget is that our individuality is what makes the world such a beautiful place for we contribute to it is rich diversity in physical form, display of our unique style, brighten up the staid lives with our creative inputs be it paintings, view points, song and dance or just our presence.  

 Our individuality also is the key to our potential. There is so much of potential within us which is often untapped and unutilized purely because we haven’t realized we have it in us and others haven’t been smart enough to discover it. Often there is no motivation for us to display our potential, frequently we are caught in the rut of treading the beaten path because of our inability to take risks and in most cases it is purely because we lack self belief. Our potential is not in making new discoveries or inventions, it is in doing even the most routine task in a better way, bringing to it your own touch or style.

 You can easily spot your inability to be yourself and your latent potential by doing a simple check; how critical are you of anything or anybody? The more critical you are indicates that you are observant, have so many ideas and have a wealth of alternatives to improve the present. What action you take after being critical decides how much of your potential you have realized. Mere criticism leads to frustration and even more critical attitude. Whereas, criticism followed up with your initiative and proactive contribution, would make you realize your potential. It would also open your eyes to the numerous variables and obstacles that impede your progress to excellence and would make you more action oriented and less critical. The thrill of doing a task well is the best reward anyone can get, for that is when your heart tells you that you have made the best use of your temperament, time and talents.

Remember: It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  E.E. Cummings

 Try these:

  1.  Write down the following
    • 5 Criticisms about yourself
    • 5 criticisms about your work place
    • 5 criticisms about your boss/ colleagues
    • Now ask yourself if you have attempted to do something about the criticisms that you have observed. Have you tried to at least communicate politely to the others about your feelings? Have you tried to make some changes in you to ensure that you have addressed your personal criticism of yourself?
  2.  Now outline the following
    • 5 strengths about yourself
    • 5 strengths about your workplace
    • 5 strengths about your boss/ colleagues
    • Do you think some of these strengths far outweigh some of your criticisms? Can you leverage some of your strengths to overcome your weakness that you have criticized?
  3.  Revisit your New Year resolutions. Do you want to add some thing more in it in the light of the learning from the exercise above? Are there some resolutions that you would like to start working on immediately? Have you listed some activities that leverage your strengths as part o your New Year Resolution?

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  1. Rajesh K R

    Success Kills Creativity, that is why when we succeed we are bogged down with the routine without being yourself. Hence success of yourself should not go to your head instead it should be converted into positive energy to excel.

    K.R. Rajesh

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