The person with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection. Johann von Goethe

One of the toughest questions to answer in an interview is the question ‘What are your weaknesses?”  Pause for a moment and think, how honestly and truthfully have we confronted this question in our personal capacity? Have you really answered this question without fear and with humility, without ever rationalizing the weakness even to yourself? There are some of us though who are on the other end of the spectrum, who can only see weakness in them  and quickly absolve themselves of any blame for their failures in life; their weakness being the culprit.

Perfection in a human being is utopian. Right now ask yourself if you have ever seen or met anyone who at some point in their life was not guilty of the seven deadly sins of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger greed and sloth. Apply the same yardstick to yourself and be truthful. The truth is rather uncomfortable and we are sorely tempted to justify our weakness and / or portray that as a minor misdemeanor in our busy life.  Just as we learn from our experiences and our mistakes both of which are post facto learning, won’t it be far better for us to face our weakness and correct it so that our mistakes are minimized and the embarrassment avoided?

Visualize a sculptor at work. He has an image of perfection in mind and tries to bring it alive in the marble or stone on which he/ she works. How do they go about it? They start by chipping of the imperfections; leaving behind just the perfection that they have visualized. Man/woman when he /she acknowledges his/ her  weakness is actually seeing the perfection within him/ her  and the weakness can then be chipped away to reach that perfection he/ she visualizes for himself/ herself. The only hitch is that unlike the sculptor working on stone, we are both the sculptor and the sculpted and the chipping away on ourselves is arduous and painful; the reward though is stunning and beautiful.

Are you then prepared to confront your weakness and limitations? If you have said YES, you  have already begun your journey to improving yourself. Keep in mind that you came into this world as beautiful creation of the creator, the darling of your family and the torchbearer of the future – perfect and cute. Will you leave behind memories and a legacy that all you know you will feel proud of? You can, if you believe in yourself and you are ready to work on your limitations starting NOW!

Remember: We are limited but we can push back the borders of our limitations Steven Covey

Try these:

  1. Ask yourself what are the personal and professional goals you have set for yourself? Honestly track the progress and if you are slipping behind, truthfully answer where YOU have gone wrong.  If you are achieving all you set out to do, then ask yourself if your goals are too limited? Realign the goal if it is so. Else, congratulate yourself and set a new goal for yourself.
  2. Do you have a dream to do something different? If not, list out a few. If you haven’t started working on your dream, ask yourself who is responsible. The truth will be uncomfortable but face it squarely. What is the most daring / adventurous thing you have done so far. Do you have some other similar plans lined up?  What helped you achieve those adventurous things?
  3. All of us have fears; fear of failure, fear of darkness, fear of rejection etc. List out your fears. Ask if these fears limit your ability and potential. Are there ways and means to overcome these fears?

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    The illustration about the sculptor and his sculpture was very enlightening and just perfect !


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