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In the previous blog post, we looked at creating our own unique brand. This post is an extension of that thought.

One challenge each individual faces, is his/ her yearning to be better than someone else who they envy. Part of this phenomenon can be attributed to the parental expectations reinforced in school days with comparisons between marks of classmates. The trend gets accentuated when one is aspiring for suitable jobs or career opportunities. It gets worse when as an employee or a business person the greatest motivation comes from being one upon on competition. While benchmarking against competition with the intent of improvement is an excellent strategy, using the competition as an induced measure of proving one’s worth would be a short sighted and bitterly disappointing venture in the long run. The solution to overcome this is simple. Just be yourself.

To be yourself, spend a little time on self analysis. This could include a personal SWOT analysis, introspection about one’s passion and desires and being realistic about opportunities to leverage while maintaining ones motivation. This could largely lead to a more focused approach to what one hopes to achieve, will give one free reign over his/ her own uniqueness being harnessed and ensure that you are valued for who you are and not merely for what one is achieving. An underworld don for example revels in his/ her power but is constantly threatened and worried about the law catching up, being eliminated by his/ her enemies and has to live with extreme stress the rest of his/ her life. An individual who on the other hand is realistic about himself/ herself and works with passion on what is most alluring will always revel in the growth and success, remain unfettered by stress and will never be bothered about competition in any form. Just be yourself.

The biggest benefit for those who live life on their own terms is that, they are valued for who they are, their integrity and diligence, the industrious nature and hard work, the success they have carved out and above all for their humane nature and respectful conduct. The net effect of being yourself and not being artificial in your thoughts, deeds and contributions is that you would have bloomed into the flower you were meant to be. You will leave a unique legacy cherished by those who know and love you. Just be yourself.

Try these: –

  • If a tombstone where to be erected for you, what would you like the epitaph carved out on it to read?
  • Can you list out the positive adjectives or comments about you shared by your mother or father, a sibling, a cousin, a friend, a colleague, a teacher? This can give you clues to your strengths and characteristics that define you.
  • For each of the above persons can you identify what is the one most endearing quality you value in them? This can give you clues about the positive influences on you by the people who matter to you.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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