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3-27Apr14-Be  the CEO of your lifeThe major problems we face in our life, has its roots in our attitude towards it. Unfortunately, our attitude is also largely influenced by people around us. So it is essential that we periodically evaluate the numerous people who come into our life and influence us. By and large, those whom we interact with are people who fall in one of the following categories; those who are part of our lives like our parents, siblings and relatives; those who are influencers like elders, teachers, bosses at work; people who come into our life like friends, colleagues, neighbors’, household staff etc. Each one of them will broadly have your welfare in mind when interacting with you but the problem arises when you cannot accept their point of view or they refuse to appreciate your viewpoint.

Parents and teachers would ideally like obedient, studious and well mannered children /youngsters. Friends and colleagues would seek a pleasant, friendly and fun to be with person. Similar characteristics are sought by others too be it neighbors’, co passengers on a journey or the household staff. As individuals we too would look out for many of these qualities in the people we interact with. The problem begins when we fail to meet the other people’s expectations and they react in a manner designed to influence your thoughts and attitudes to their expectations from you. When the differences become acute our attitude and consequent behavior also alters often sharply and negatively. We can turn into rebels or become docile or indifferent or become angry and uncooperative or turn into defeatists. A few though are also able to adapt themselves and adopt a positive, vibrant and go getter attitude designed to succeed and prove others wrong.

If you are not one of who is blessed with a positive, vibrant and go getter attitude, it is essential that you take charge of your life immediately; after all you are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life. One of the toughest tasks a CEO has is people management for it involves promoting people, demoting people and in extreme cases terminating people. As CEO of your life, this is the time to also ask yourself who are the people in your life who are invaluable to you. These, are the people who you must promote by interacting more frequently, seek counsel of when required. You would also need to listen to them more attentively, answer their questions more truthfully and trust their advice more implicitly. They could be parents, teachers, friends, well wishers or mentors; trusting them is the key.

There are other people in your life who you cannot avoid despite them being people you dislike. This could be because they give you a bad vibe or because they are constantly interfering or because they spew advice without a pause or because they display a ‘I know it all’ attitude or because they want to control your life. Unfortunately since you cannot avoid them because they are an integral part of your life either as family or office colleague or boss or a neighbor what you need to do is demote them. This can be by limiting interaction with them, acknowledging their suggestions without commitment, taking your own decisions and merely informing them about your actions etc. When it comes to the people who you despise the simplest action to be taken is to terminate them from your life. Not responding to them, avoiding them as often as possible and frankly telling them that you do not like their interference in your life are sure shot ways to ensure you eliminate the people who you have no interest in.

Now you have taken the first steps to being the perfect CEO of your life.

Try this:

  1. List out 3 names each of people in your life who you would like to promote, demote and eliminate. Also work out an action plan to execute the same.
  2. Name 3 people who have supported and encouraged you. Write down the most inspirational message they gave you.
  3. Can you recollect the most misplaced negative comment or feedback you ever got?
  4. Can you remember the 3 most encouraging statements you have made to others and the most critical statements you have told others?

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