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If God adds another day to our life, let us receive it gladly. Marcus Annaeus Seneca

As I write this post, I can see the news channels breaking news about the tragic air crash of the Dubai – Mangalore Flight with around 159 causalities. The irony is that they were just landing when tragedy struck. You can imagine how excited the passengers must have been on hearing the pilot announce that the seat belt be put on for landing and the ironic twist of fate that turned that moment of euphoria into a unimaginable tragedy. Life is full of twists and turns. Imagine the trauma and the strange fate of the 6 survivors, who may have escaped death but lost family and who would perhaps wonder how and why they were spared. Contrast this with the thought process of the gentleman who committed suicide which was mentioned in my post a couple of days back.

Yes life can be viewed by some as a game of Russian roulette or as a board game of snakes and ladders. Our view point makes the difference in how we accept life and its bounty or how we painfully look forward to deliverance even if it means taking our own life. When viewed as a game of Russian roulette, we tend to wake up everyday, with that terrible feeling that the trigger holds the key. Every day is a question mark and we seek to answer the question ‘Is life worth living?’ On one fateful day, the person decides that life is not worth living and then he /she pulls the trigger with a bullet loaded in the chamber, thereby ensuring that there won’t be any more personal quandary. Unfortunately this dastardly act leaves in its wake numerous questions for those left behind.

For those who view life as a board game of snakes and ladders, the fun is in waking up and seeing which way the dice has rolled. Some days we get lucky and move forward, other days we get even luckier and climb the ladder. Occasionally though, we get swallowed by the snake and come a few notches down. We may be a bit disheartened and disappointed then, but  by sunset we regroup our feelings and thoughts and get ready to enthusiastically see which way the dice rolls the next day. Since life itself gives us little warning of what it holds in store for us, it is best that we value each day and accept the good and the bad with equanimity and humility.

Remember: A bird sings because it has a song in its heart. Do you wake up everyday with a prayer on your lips and a song in your heart?

Try these:

  1. Make it a point to smile at 3 strangers everyday and if possible talk to them too. Be polite to everyone you interact with and see how you also enjoy the warmth of their reciprocal smile and interactions.
  2. As an experiment, just for one day decide to say No to all requests. Refuse to smile the whole day, sit with a stern face and attempt to be grumpy. Evaluate how you feel. Observe how others interact with you. Do they try to draw you out? Do they attempt to find out what is wrong or why your behavior is unlike you? Does this indicate people love you for your naturally pleasant and cheerful disposition? So do you have any complaints of life?

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