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As you sow, so shall you reap.- Bible

Look around and see the greenery. The sheer variety, colors and vibrancy that is on display makes us doff our hat to the creators largesse for us and the wonders of his bounty. Now pause for a moment and look closely at our own garden or potted plants. Yes there is greenery there, there might be shades of withering plants too and weeds a plenty. If we ask ourselves if our own efforts are planned, purposeful and persistent we might get a clue to why our garden pales in comparison to the makers bounty.

Greenery is just a metaphor for the larger issues of life. In real life it is the kind of relationships that we develop that determines our progress, our happiness and our success. If we can manage to share what we have be it happiness or sadness, we can multiply our joys and halve our sorrows. If we can trust others we can get the reciprocal trust from others. Carry another’s burden and soon your own burdens will be shared by others. A smile costs us nothing and yet it can brighten up so many lives; cn w not share more of it? Notice that as we give so too do we receive and often the fruits we get our multifold for a good harvest is promised to those who can nurture the saplings with care and love.

Look at our own habit of sharing. We share only from what is surplus with us and what can be spared. Real sharing is offering what ever one has, for in giving all we have we are giving of ourselves. It is easier said than done, for we are always worried about the future and so would like to insure our future before we can attempt to take care of another. Yet do we think twice about donating blood; are we scared of the needle prick or is it sheer callousness on our part that we shy away from donating blood? Can we freely give of our used clothes and household goods that we no longer need or do we prefer to hoard it? Can we spare at least a couple of hours for a social cause? Do we take out time to visit and meet people who have helped shape your life like old teachers, retired bosses or old neighbors? There are so many opportunities for us to sow the seeds of happiness in other people’s lives. Are we making full use of it?

Remember: A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love  St. Basil quotes

Try these:

  1. Begin the practice of keeping a track of all the wedding /funerals that you have been to. Note the dates and on the first anniversary do make it a point to wish the couple who got married. Similarly do get in touch in with the family who have lost a loved one and tell them that you too remember that a year has passed by. The gesture will never go unappreciated.
  2. Plan a party and invite as many people with whom your have had close interaction or shared an excellent rapport some of whom you may have lost touch with. E.g.A cousin of mine, has recently taken the initiative to have a family get together of the descendents of his grandfathers 50th death anniversary. It has been met with great enthusiasm since more than three fourths of the family members are living abroad and find this a great opportunity to meet up with long lost relatives.

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Bobby Jacob

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