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Readjusting is a painful process, but most of us need it at one time or another. Arthur Christopher Benson

It is correctly said that change is the only permanent reality other than death and taxes. Readjustment is the direct after effect of change. Very often we get caught up in a mundane, preplanned and clockwork precision life style which is staid, near lifeless and possibly stale to. Then something happens to shake up the system; it could be something as depressing as illness, death or recession or something very positive like promotions, birth or marriage. The net result is that you have to make a readjustment to align yourself with the new change.

Readjustments are often rejected and avoided simply because we do not want to disturb the status quo. In effect this means we are comfortable with the present and we believe that any change will be more difficult to adjust too as compared to the present. No doubt positive changes will trigger a favorable response to the change but you could still be caught in a dilemma as to what the readjustment entails. If it is a promotion it means more responsibilities, birth means an additional mouth to feed and raise, not to mention the challenges of bringing up a child. We always temper our delight at change with some impending shadow of trouble, pain and difficulties with respect to the readjustment required by the change.

Readjustment though has very many benefits. To begin with, it shakes us of our lethargy and inertia. It opens up new challenges and immense possibilities and very often we discover new strengths within us because we are forced into the readjustment. Readjustment triggers varied opportunities of growth, stimulates our intellect and fine tunes our social and administrative skills. We take in new experiences, learn to tweak our lifestyle and push our limits of creativity. In the process of readjustment, failure is often an inbuilt mechanism for a reality check and it helps us dwell into reason for failure and propels us to temper ourselves lest we have an unrealistic, exaggerated and a bombastic view of our capabilities. Readjustment gives us wings to soar but grounds us in the realms of reality. Our mental, physical and emotional growth is assured during the process of readjustment; and growth is what any rational human being craves for.

Remember: If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

Try these:

  1. A simple way to feel the pain of readjustment is to wear your wristwatch on the other hand than the one you normally wear it on. To make the experience even more realistic make a drastic change in your daily routine.e.g.If you exercise in the morning try doing it in the evening for a week or  change the time of your breakfast / dinner by an hour.
  2. How about trying an experiment with your thought process? Starting today when you finish reading this post, close your eyes and  visualize yourself winning a lottery of a million dollars. Mentally visualize how you will utilize these winning. When you have allocated the usage, open your eyes and jot down the detailed allocation. (Now read the post dated 4th April 2010 to know how to readjust your lifestyle with the learning from this experiment)

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