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Forgiveness means letting go of the past.
Gerald Jampolsky
Forgiveness is a tough act because of the following :
  • Our egos wont permit us to excuse a wrong doer.
  • Our so called rational mind tells us that every mistake must be punished
  • We get a psychological high in extracting our pound of flesh for the drop of blood we lost

What we forget is that, often in our self centered pursuit of awarding punishment to what we perceive as a serious infringement of our rights by another party, we miss out on opportunities to rise above our pettiness and to enjoy the moment. Once we realise this, it is easier for us to visualize forgiveness as an honourable, dignified and self satisfying method of curing our inner hurt.

Too often tho we rationalise that we can forgive but we cannot forget – alas that is when forgiveness is only symbolic and  peripheral for the hurt of original act remains like scar on our minds marring what can always be an otherwise carefree life of contentment and rejoicing. It is only when we forgive and forget that we really let go of the past and LIVE the MOMENTS.

Remember : “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

Try these :

  • List out the people whom you are not fond of or dislike immensely. Then ask yourself if they have hurt you in some manner and you have been unable to forgive them?  ( You will be surprised by the answer)
  • List out people whom you have hurt knowingly or unknowingly. (Dont forget that most people are hurt by your words rather than by actions.) Do you think you can meet up and apologise or write to them and seek forgiveness?
  • List out those actions or words of your, that irritate and annoy others the  most and outline steps you will take to reduce or marginalize these.

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  1. Mrunal

    You’ve put it up very simply but very effectively.
    The funda of “Forgive and Forget” is really simple as you put it, but very important to let go of any hatred in one’s mind. Your first “try these” did bring a couple of names to my mind and I had decided to forgive them, but I really could not forget the incidences. So effectively (after having read your explanation, I realize) I haven’t forgiven them.
    I will now try to work out the same keeping your advice in mind.

    Thanks – Mrunal.

  2. HappyAccident

    very nice article! though i believe i forgive and forget but never will i allow these very people to fool me or hurt me again!

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