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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Reinhold Niebuhr

One of the most quoted words, this little sentence contains wisdom that is hard hitting, deeply invigorating and profoundly philosophical. Parents in particular can benefit a lot from this saying if they look beyond the words and see the depth of meaning in it. Most parents are obsessed by academic grades of their children and secretly desire that their dear ones stand first. Reality tho could be quite different and our children may excel in many different areas other than academics. sport, arts and craft, music, acting, mischief, creative pursuits of varied kinds. Yet, most parents fail to see these sparks of talent and instead focus on what they want to see in their children- frustrating the kids and the parents in equal measure. Teachers too are not far behind in having unrealistic expectations from their wards and they need to be inspired by the wisdom of Niebuhr.

We need to accept the reality with calmness and gratitude, for things could have been a lot worse – just look around and you will realize it.

Remember : You can make a difference – ALWAYS !

Try these:

  • Ask yourself am I being unrealistic in my expectations from others particularly my kids.
  • Can I honestly list out matters that concern my society and environment and can I in some way take a proactive stand on it and help change matters for the better?
  • What are the changes that I need to make in myself  in order to benefit from the wisdom of  Niebuhr?

Igniting your thoughts – Encouraging you to ACT SPOnTaneously

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Bobby Jacob

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