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There is no duty so much underrated as the duty of being happy.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Every one wants to be happy, but there are many of us who love to wallow in self pity. The easiest and most stupid  way to do that is to compare our shortcomings with the strengths of others. We display our exasperation at the raw deal life has given us by cursing our fate, ruing the missed opportunities and blaming everyone and everything except ourselves for  what we perceive is our ill luck and misery.

R.L.Stevenson puts things in perspective when he states that we are obliged to be happy. He underscores the point that we have a duty to ourselves to be happy and this means that we need to focus on all the blessings that have been showered upon us. We ignore this aspect of our life and mistakenly believe that happiness is an external thing – money , fame, beauty etc. are but one of life’s numerous blessings. We need to cherish the mundane but critical blessings in our lives -good health, strong family bonds, a wonderful citizenship, a thriving democracy around us, the good fortune of being educated etc.

Try these
  • List out your blessings- anything from good looks to rich family background counts. So be liberal in making your list.
  • Make a list of the regrets in your life – relook it and ask again if they are really regrets. Also ask if some of those regrets (eg.poor grades in exam) are due to your own follies.

Remember : ‘ Happiness is an inside thing ‘

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