The present moment decides the future

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Looking to the future is scary for most of us. This is because of the uncertainty that is the hallmark of the future. For many of us, our conservative and cautious bend of mind tends to shape our thinking of the future to be molded to ring-fencing our life. Currently, with the second wave of the pandemic in India being on the rampage, the fear of illness, the scare of hospitalization, the terror of not getting oxygen, etc. are dominating our mind space. Under these circumstances, the future looks bleak, scary and intimidating. Visualizing it in shades of optimism is a remote possibility. The way to cope with this fear is by ring-fencing yourself to minimize the risk for yourself.

The question one should not be asking is ‘what will happen to me’ but instead ask ‘what can I do today to ensure that my family and I can cope with this pandemic and stay safe’? In the current pandemic scenario, the first thing you need to do is follow covid appropriate behavior and safeguard your health and your life. You need to do it now and continue to follow it for the foreseeable future. If possible ensure you get your vaccine shots. You have now already taken the best possible precaution to ensure your future is safer and better for yourself and your loved ones. While you cannot predict the future, it is very much possible to work on it today to shape the future that you desire.

The same rule, that what you do now is what shapes your future, is equally applicable for every aspect of one’s life. Planning the future is the first step. Depending on individual traits, qualities and maturity the process and style of planning will vary. If planning for personal excellence is cultivated early, the chances of the planning process becoming even more efficient and effective in every aspect of one’s life improve with time. Planning enables you to prepare the roadmap for the future. Of course, life may never go according to plan but at least you will be aware that life is deviating from your plan provided you had mapped a plan beforehand. This gives you ample time to do course correction.  So begin to think of your future and map out a plan NOW. With this step, you have taken your destiny in your hands.

While planning is a critical step to ensure your future is better, brighter and blessed planning is just the first step. The more critical step is action. Implementing the actions outlined in the plan is at the heart of how you shape your future and your destiny. Implementation of the plan requires much more effort, greater determination, tangible motivation and an inherent will to attain the milestones set in the plan. Identify the milestones in your plan, find a tangible motivation that will spur you on to begin, be aware of the progress you are making, become even more determined to succeed and notice how your efforts are getting you closer to your goal as per your plan. All these need to be done NOW and you will enjoy the fruits in the future. The plan is like the key you need to start your vehicle with and putting your plan into action is equivalent to you turning the key and starting your vehicle. Hopefully, by now you are a skilled driver and navigator of your future.

Take lessons from nature to believe in your plans and the success it brings in the future. The farmer plants today to get her/ his crop at a much later date and that too after the farmer has done a lot of hard work of varying types beginning with plowing the field and ending with gathering the fruits of her/his labor. It takes nine months from the time a child is conceived till it is born. The seasons happen as per a timeline and that timeline exists because it is nature’s way of preparing for the season. Plans take time to be executed and succeed. So start planting the seeds for your success today.

The future is what you earn when you systematically begin today.

Try these:           

  • What plans did you have in mind when you read this post? Did you keep a pen and paper to jot down key learning points for implementation?
  • Can you do something more with this post if the contents appealed to you? What is it that you can do to ensure the learning is of use not just to you?
  • What are your holiday plans once the pandemic is over and travel resumes in full swing?

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    Lovely it motivates me alot…

    1. Bobby Jacob

      Thank you Bharat for your appreciative feedback. Hope you have subscribed to the blog to receive each new post in your email.

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