Importance of the purpose and passion in life

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If life is staid, boring, depressing, and meaningless or you experience an emptiness each waking day, the problem is the lack of a purpose in your life. Having a purpose gives you a goal to look forward to, something to motivate you and a reason to journey along with a song in your heart and joy in your step. However, it is quite possible that at times, the journey gets tiring, occasionally it gets you worried that the distances are far and giving up seems an easier option. That is where you need to find your passion to give you that extra zing and energy to keep you going while you journey to achieve your purpose.

The purpose goes well beyond your job. It encompasses the reason for your daily life. The job is just the glue that helps you tie up family life, social life, personal time and your spiritual outlook. Your purpose becomes meaningful to you when you visualize a role for yourself in contributing to the life you lead. Keep in mind the influence you have on the people around, the environment, the workplace and how your thoughts and actions reflect your personality. Hence each morning you begin a new journey with that one single purpose to ensure that your influence on everyone and everything you encounter leads to a positive, vibrant and soothing experience for all involved.

Your passion determines the intensity you bring to bear on your influence. Passion is the fuel that you can increase or decrease in proportion to your interest, your keenness, your desire for the outcome. In an ideal situation, your passion and your purpose are always in sync just like the accelerator and steering wheel in the hands of a vehicle driver. While the steering wheel ensures the journey is in the right direction, the accelerator is used to maintain the tempo and speed depending on the terrain, the urgency, the mindset of the driver and the condition of the vehicle.

Fortunately for us human beings, unlike animals, our goals, interests, needs keep varying from day to day. Animals seek only food and self-preservation; we humans aspire, seek, search, crave, and yearn for a wide variety of things limited only by our thinking. Scale up the quality of thoughts. Focus on finding a meaningful purpose to the life one leads. Fuel it with the right kind of passion which would be a mix of a person’s liking, obsession, ability and excellence.

One technique to get an idea of one’s purpose and passion is by writing an epitaph for your own self. What would you like to be remembered for? What would you want others to respect you for?

Try these:           

Get feedback from your parents/siblings/friends/colleagues about what they like most about you. See if there is a recurring theme or pattern in that feedback. Do you think their observation is right and do you enjoy being that person they value you for?

Make a list of things you enjoy doing the most. Eliminate the unproductive things or find a way to make that enjoyable activity productive for you. E.g. you love watching movies; can you write reviews of movies or would you aim to be involved professionally in the movie business

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