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We have great plans, grand ideas and visualize success often. All of these are essential to give us a road map to begin our quest to glory. Yet, what is critical is beginning the journey to conquest. Just when we are about to begin our quest, we begin to have doubts, anxieties, start to question our self belief and decide to postpone the beginning for another day. Instead of focusing on what could go right we have foolishly started worrying about what could go wrong. It is essential to note that we cannot control all the variables nor can we succeed beyond measure in the first shot. Failure is an essential part of the journey to success. What helps us succeed is beginning with hope, pursuing with passion, correcting ourselves along the way as required and relentlessly pursuing our goal.

Here are 4 pillars that will prop you up and give you the confidence to dare to move ahead.

Optimism – One you have identified your passion or dream, the most important ingredient that can help you begin the journey is optimism. As they say keep facing the sun and you will never see the shadows. Keep in sight all the key milestones that you need to attain and slowly but surely you would progresses well. Having faith in your abilities, believing that you have planned well and being sure that you are going to enjoy the journey are triggers that will help you remain optimistic along the journey.

Passion – If monetary rewards or financial success is the only motivator that drives you, chances are that your journey will get derailed simply because you are being driven by an extrinsic motivator. There is no substitute for an intrinsic motivator. Passion comes about when one is able to indulge in what one loves and knows that the indulgences is not merely a passing phase but a lifeline to success which you can enjoy every single moment.

Resilience – Despite the best of planning there could be some critical moments in the journey where one begins to question one’s commitment to the goal. Unexpected hurdles, sudden crisis, failure when least expected and or having to face criticism and nay sayers frequently can puncture an individual’s self belief. It is to overcome these moments of doubt, anxiety and fear of failure that one needs to have tremendous resilience to fight the odds. Resilience is continuing to march on even when the going is almost perilous, defeat is lurking at every corner and it is blind belief in one’s abilities to overcome that keeps one afloat. As long as there is resilience, you will not let a small hole in the boat sink you.

Action – The proof of the pudding is in the eating; similarly all the planning, optimism, passion and resilience fructify only if you act. Start doing. Do not wait for an auspicious day, date or time. Ideally fix a date to start and then work backwards on the planning and steps to be taken. Do not postpone your date with destiny. It is possible that no sooner you start things may not go as planned. That is when your optimism will provide the wind below your wings. Your passion will add momentum to your efforts. Despite this if you still are floating like an aimless kite, your resilience will enable you to channelize your energies and focus on your goals and keep you moving towards that. One thing is for sure; action alone will give you the thrust and velocity to attain your dreams.

Try these:

  1. Find a way to increase your savings. Earn more or spend less. So what can you do on either front?
  2. Plan a unique budget holiday in which you will spend not more than 65% of the average budget you would otherwise have spent for a similar holiday.
  3. Challenge yourself to do something you have never attempted before. E.g. sing at a karaoke night or learn a new form of dancing etc.

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