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“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”   T. Alan Armstrong

With rare exceptions for the vast majority of people finding ones passion is a challenge. Part of the problem stems from the fact that during our formative years we seem to flirt with various interests and likings and over time we grow out of our obsession with many of these. The other problem is that ironically,  almost always what we are truly interested in, invariably does not guarantee financial security nor opens up possibilities of good career prospects and if they are unconventional interest they would never meet parental approval or find favor with our well wishers. Confusion, dilemma and indecision are three emotions that overwhelm us and douse the lingering spark of passion if any. Thereafter we become robotic, controlled by what we loosely term as fate, destiny and convention. The fact though is that our passion tugs at our heart strings but we plead haplessness and go on with the business of life less enthused, more frustrated and definitely dissatisfied.

Is it possible to somehow identify ones passion by cutting through the clutter in our mind, by pinpointing what can truly become our real interest and which can motivate, enthuse and propel our life? For those still searching for his/ her passion here are a few pointers to locate that elusive North Star in one’s own heart and mind.

What gets you all excited?  Yes movies, parties, gossip, lazing around, sports, holidays etc would top the list. It would help though if this list also contains a list of at least one or two subjects that you studied in school days or maybe in college to ensure that all those years of education are not considered wasted. Now add a list of alternative career choices that you always fancied. So now you have a wide variety of stuff that gets you excited.

What is that you never get bored of? What is it that will get you of the couch and sweat it out because you can’t resist it? Topping the list will be talking on phone, gossiping, texting, surfing the net, eating, sleeping etc. Now widen the list by adding those activities that got a lot of approval from family, friends, peers and even perhaps some of those who are jealous of you. Lengthen the list by adding a wish list of career choices that you fancied.

Do you have the aptitude and attitude to make your interest your life goal? Perhaps a close hard look at the choices you have listed earlier by holding it up against the mirror of your personality that reflects your aptitude and attitude will enable you to clear see some choices emerging as truly something that you really love and are passionate about.

Would you be thrilled doing what you are doing even if you were to die a pauper, unrecognized and perhaps ostracized by society too? The final test is in making choices and seeing it against the light of the reality check.  The reality check is simple; see if your passion surfaces even if you have no one to support you, even if there are lots of doubting Thomas’s who attempt to dissuade you. Are you so excited about what you want to do that you are willing to risk failure, prepared to battle single handed and are sure that your enthusiasm will neither wane nor your spirit weakened because you are doing what you really want to do.

The real test though is to tweak your passion to ensure you come closest to enjoying what you do. This is essential because only the exceptionally lucky person gets to pursue his/ her own passion in it is original form.  Eg. You might want to be a filmy hero but if you are not really talented perhaps you can still find a niche space in the industry that enables you pursue your interest in films.

Remember: “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”  Hebbel

 Try this:

  1. Name 3 of your passionate career choices in the following fields:
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Marine related
  • Law enforcement
  1. What are the offbeat careers you can think of in the following fields  (one example each is given for your ready reference)
  • Entertainment business e.g. Film critic
  • Financial services sector e.g. being a technical analyst
  • Education sector e.g. special needs educator
  • In the business of LIFE e.g. being a funeral director

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. gharendra


  2. Prachii

    Dear Jacob,

    Sometime in practical life scenerio it is not possible to follow passion rather it’s diffucult to identify for what actualy we are passionate .I might seem a bit negative but we do 9 to 6 job to earn and fulfill our basic need.

    What would be your suggestion in this critical life scenerio.We can’t survive without or less earning.

    1. Hi Prachii, Your concern is a valid one and hence I wouldn’t call it a negative thought. For the overwhelming majority of the people earning their livelihood is the first priority and with the exception of a lucky few, most people end up doing what they are not really passionate about. At the same time, it is possible that there are interests,hobbies,creative urges and ideas that a person wishes to spend his/ her time on. Taking time out for such things that one is deeply interested in, investing resources in it, pursuing it with enthusiasm are all possible, provided the urge is there within.

      My blog post focuses on pointers to identify what is one’s passion as opposed to what is one’s fleeting interests. Identifying a passion is tough partly because we are unwilling to commit to it (e.g. one wants to become a world class sportsperson but hate the strict diet, exercise and practice routine) The second problem with identifying one’s passion is the numerous alternatives that seem to interest us off and on. Finally passion is something that is to be felt from the heart and not evolved in the mind.

      Do mull over the various interests that catch your fancy, explore how deeply you feel about it and once it is embedded in your heart, the passion will grow and lead you on.

      Best Wishes


      1. Prachii

        Thanks Jacob for your valuable suggestions.
        It’s actually an eye opener for most of the people who are just passing days because we are compelled to live rather to enjoy the little sprout of life that breaths inside us and just need a little bit air to grow up and become a well developed green fruitful tree.
        In the same way we need to identify the little spark that sometimes tries to get ignited but the forceful obligation to fulfill social responsibilities and mental blockage of fear doesn’t allow this spark to become Burning flames of passion.


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