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With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun. Anon

Experience they say is a good teacher, but a large number of us seem to look at experiences as cross to bear, rather than as a personal learning experience, however painful it may have been. With rare exceptions, very few experiences really scar a person beyond repair and that should be a very comforting thought. Yet most mornings when we get up, we begin to recollect the hurtful past and reconcile to a not so happy day. However if we pause to see the cheery bright sun that shines despite the threat of rain when there is a cloudy sky, we realize that it is all in our attitude that makes a day wonderful or otherwise.

Actually the day break provides us a wonderful opportunity to leave the past behind and to make a fresh start all over again.  The past cannot be got back or turned around so there is no point brooding over it or ruing the lost opportunities or the mistakes that were made.  On the other hand we must see the next 24 hours as afresh chance to make up for the past, a new offer to achieve some personal dreams and you should also reward yourself using  this time by relishing  the success of the past. In effect this means that we do not get weighed down by yesterday nor do we get cowed down by the prospects of tomorrow but we grasp and climb up the tree of success today.

The best way to utilize today is to plan, prepare and perform. Without planning, we would not have any outline of how we can effectively utilize the 24 hours at our disposal. A good plan allows us to prioritize and put in order the critical and important tasks and balance it out with the urgent tasks. It also allows for time cushions to take care of emergencies and it effectively values the activity and the time.  Preparation takes care of putting the plan into action by bridging any gaps that may be there. It means that one gets mentally alert; one harnesses the available resources to execute the plans and also attempts to make provisions for contingencies and emergencies. Performance is what sets things rolling. Without performance we only have a skeleton that is well fleshed up but without any life. It is while performing that life is actually lived.

We need to watch out for negative emotions acting as stumbling blocks and derailing our carefully laid plans.  In our exuberance we should not attempt more than what we are capable off and yet not be so conservative as to not realize our full potential. We would need to leverage the past experience without the bitter moments poisoning our thoughts and emotions. We must overcome our personal weakness of being lethargic, lazy, suspicious, fearful and demotivated. We must also be inspired by the clockwork, dispassionate and cheerful way the sun goes about its business no matter what the weatherman says, what nature offers or whatever the world may criticizes it for.

Remember: “Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.” Gene Brown

Try this:

  1. Do you have a daily plan or to do list. If yes do you update it regularly? If no, start one today.  Ideally also have a yearlong plan and clear targets to achieve. (eg. I started this blog on 1st January 2010 and planned to write a post each day. I have been fairly successful mainly because I had a set target to aim for)
  2. Visit the following link and check out the post on PAST (Poignant Associations Standing Testimony) PRESENT (Prime Resource Emerging Silently Evolving Now Today) and FUTURE (Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging)

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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