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Life is a romantic business, but you have to make the romance. Oliver Wendell Holmes

Romance is all about adoring the flowers, gazing at the sunrise in the early morning, walking the seashore, soaking in the sunset and being one with the moonlight and twinkling stars, all the while skipping a heat beat in ecstasy and enjoying life to the fullest. Most times these emotions overwhelm a person particularly when in love, or in the company of  a beloved or at a very significant occasion as in winning a prize / an award/ recognition, possibly when thrilled to bits with some momentous news or when in the wondrous lap of nature. When one looks at life in general from a similar angle it suddenly dawns on us that life despite its ups and downs, despite the problems, the tears, the worries and the tragedies has plenty of laughter, cheer, victories, successes and happy moments that merit us romancing life every living moment.

One has to decide if life is to be enjoyed for what it offers or if one wants to bemoan the absence of what we would ideally covet. When we decide to see our life in the right perspective, we discover that there is so much that life has given us which we have often taken for granted. A good family, good health, a fair amount of monetary cushion, the blessing of education and learning abilities, scope for ample personal growth etc are invaluable gifts of life to each one of us. Some of us have in larger measure and some others may be challenged in some areas but compensated in other areas. It is the perspective that we take that will determine how we embrace life and endear it to ourselves.

It is important to be aware that we can dance only when we get up and move and similarly life can be romanced only if we are prepare to caress it gently, hold it lightly and sway to the rhythm that is being played. We must resist all temptation of forcing life to keep time to our beat, for life is dispassionate. It neither takes pleasure in our joys nor feels the pain of our hurt but like a referee in a match remains neutral to the teams at play but controls the game with help of the rule book. We may not really agree with the interpretation of the rules and may feel let down too but when the game is over, we shake hands and if victorious exude but otherwise, take pleasure in the joy of having played a great game. The best way to romance life therefore is to embrace it with open arms and try and keep in step with the beat that is on. While most times it will be the wedding march or the waltz, there are time when the funeral march is the one that echoes loud.

Every romance has its share of saying sorry, shedding tears and having to be magnanimous lovers.  So it is with life too. We need to be flexible, large hearted, humble and generous with our emotions, our communication and our spirit if we are to truly savor the romance of life. There are times when one has to open out and express our pain, grief and disappointments and there are times when we have to listen to the same woes of life. Ultimately, we may even have to take those ginger steps that could be an antithesis to our ego, our pride and our temperament but it is when we bend and blend with life that we can experience the joy of love, the tenderness of affection and the romance of LIFE which coos into our ears every waking hour.

Remember: “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”

Try this:

  1. Recollect the 3 happiest moments of your life. Ask yourself what made it so special. Did any of those events preceded by self doubt, pain, sorrow or fear which made the moment even more special? Eg. You messed up one question which you knew very well in one of the papers yet you stood first in your exam.
  2. Poetry provides us the perfect spirit of romance. You are invited to read the following poems to experience the romance of life as penned by the poets.

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