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Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be very popular whilst there are some others who seem to be whiners and losers? Observe both sets of people closely and you will make out the simple difference that sets both types of people apart. The former are always self assured, confident and gregarious while the later are forever complaining, perennially highlighting their problems and constantly seeking sympathy. Obviously people are drawn towards those who spread good cheer. Most people will give a wide berth to those who are weepy, bitter and dissatisfied with life for they would only be spreading negative vibes all the time.

If you have been to a circus you would have your eyes peeled on the circus clowns who seem to bumble their way through their act and keep the audience in splits. They get the maximum applause, have long stints in the act and they easily fit into any act. They actually act as the glue that puts the entire 3 hour act together. Go to a shopping mall and you will find a number of cartoon characters entertaining the visitors to the mall. Notice that they are constantly moving around and interacting with the people for their strength lies in ensuring that the crowd is drawn to them. Look at a more somber scene; a funeral. Here every one has a long face, there are a few who are weeping bitterly and everyone just wants the ceremony to be over and done with. Something similar is again enacted in a hospital most times. These two contrasting scenes draw attention to the reality that people are drawn to laughs and dislike melancholy immensely.

Of late the latest fad is to forward SMS jokes and humorous email forwards. While an overload of the same can be extremely irritating and annoying, more often than not we read the message before deleting. It would also naturally follow that you laugh loudly or at least chuckle a bit and perhaps you forward it in turn.  Rarely do you ask the sender to take you of the forward list. Unconsciously we are being partial towards anything that can make us smile and laugh. When we contrast this with our relationships with those who are sad and in pain, we do sympathize with them but find it hard to spend a good part of valuable time just being around and trying to assuage their feelings of hurt and pain. The net result is that those who cannot get over their grief, their complaints, their nagging soon find themselves alone, lonely and wallowing in self pity.

Many of us feel that we don’t have the gift of the gab, cannot recount jokes, cannot be the centre of attention and that makes us introverts. The reality is that to laugh and have fun, there is no compulsion that you need to be the initiator of it all. All it requires is the ability to enthusiastically participate, heartily encourage and remain genuinely interested in the proceedings. Of course it helps if we are more demonstrative and articulate too. It would be very useful to read a lot, in particular focus on having a stock of good jokes and practice telling jokes so that it flows easily. Coming up with good repartees and one liners too would boost both your self confidence and your fan following.  However be careful not to sound sarcastic or get too personal when cracking jokes at another’s expense.  Never sit around with a frown on the face or be snappy and ill mannered or you will soon find yourself all alone.

Remember: A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Try this:

  1. Prepare a list of your favorite jokes and attempt to say it without telling it by rote.  If you can, memorize a few humorous limericks, one liners and puns and use it whenever possible. Do not be disheartened if you are not appreciated at first. (Avoid vulgar jokes in public, biased or sexist comments or anything that could be offensive to anyone.)
  2. Whenever possible take the initiative; be it to organize some event, preparing games for a party, giving a speech etc.  Notice that leaders are always looked up to and invariably they are a motivating force. This ability to motivate and lead is equivalent to the ability to raise a good laugh for one is never lonely as a leader (unless you misuse your power).

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