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A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. Francis Bacon

Almost all of us are searching for that one big break that will change our life for the better forever. Very  few of us get that break because far too often we require a lucky break and not too many of us have that kind of luck. On the other hand if one were to actively go about creating opportunities, there would be an equal number of possibilities of success. The difference between searching for opportunities and creating them is simply that the former is a more passive activity where as the latter is a very proactive effort. E.g. Buying a lottery ticket is the equivalent of searching for an opportunity whereas someone who does his homework and decides to set up his own business is attempting to create opportunities.

Study the lives of any of the big entrepreneurs who have made their millions in software related activities be it the founders of Google or Facebook or closer home a Naukari .com or The common thread that binds all of them is the fact that they business model was formulated because they attempted to solve a problem that was bugging them. Instead of searching for a solution that existed in the market place they preferred to solve the problem themselves and in the process created a massive opportunity for themselves. Most of when faced with a problem would try to avoid it, pass it on to others or make a weak attempt to solve it or in desperation just give up.

To create opportunities one need not be a very creative thinker or a person with extraordinary intelligence or someone who is really street smart. What is really needed is an inquisitive mind, a passion to do something different or do things differently, tremendous self belief and a steely resolve to pursue ones impulse no matter what the odds. It is also important that one can see the big picture of how the opportunity really will pan out on a large scale, have a strong heart and will to weather the storms that are very possible and probable and the insight to recognize a possible dead end and give up if the need arises. Giving up might sound ironical when making opportunities but many a time we need to give up some personal passions because the same would not fit into the overall roadmap chalked for success. Eg In a business venture one might have to give up a sizeable stake to ensure one gets the right financers at the right time or the overall venture might look wonderful on paper but might never really take off!

Look at prolific authors or inventors. They never sit back and simply gloss over their success and achievements. They are charged up to take on a new challenge and they then create a wonderful new opportunity to succeed again. This is the secret to making opportunities and scripting success. Making a new friend is an opportunity that can backfire if the friendship sours but perhaps it also opens up opportunities to make new friends who can comfort and perhaps become lifelong friends too. One must constantly attempt to make new opportunities no matter what the outcome. Some ventures will succeed some will fail, but opportunities remain constant.

Remember: “Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.”  Bruce Marton

Try this:

  1. Outline 3 pressing problems that irritate you or annoy you. Now list out various possibilities of solving them. Do you see an opportunity to effectively solve the problem?
  2. A small boy was trying hard to push a huge boulder. He was trying his best and pushing hard but the boulder wouldn’t budge. As he was panting and attempting again, his father came to the spot and observed the boys efforts. In a loud voice, his father asked ‘Son are you using all your strength?’ and the boy replied ‘Yes dad I am using all  my strength’ but the boulder didn’t move. Then the boy took a break to wipe the sweat of his brow and resumed his attempt at pushing the boulder. Again the father asked in a loud voice ‘ Son are you sure you are using all your strength ?” . This time in an irritated voice the son replied ‘ Dad cant you see I am doing my best and using all my strength. Why do you keep asking me that question again and again he retorted to his father”  What do you think was the fathers reply to his sons question?


( The Answer will be given in the post of Monday 18th Oct 2010)

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