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Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is a choice that each of us has to exercise. Look around and you will see laughter emitting from the shanties around the cities suburbs and similar hearty guff’s and peals of laughter emitting from the homes of the rich and the famous. There will be smiles and laughter in old age homes, the hospitals and the prisons too. The able bodied and the challenged; the young and the old; those on opposing sides of the political spectrum too will enjoy themselves and let their hair down and enjoy the pleasures that they can appreciate. Happiness is there all around, we just need to find it, create it and disperse it so as to enjoy it.

How can one find happiness is the question many people ask and they immediately list out their huge lists of woes. To find happiness one needs to put the list of owes in the hip pocket and fetch our list of blessings from the front pocket where it is snuggly kept close to our heart.  Yes we have plenty to be happy about. The fact that we are alive is the greatest reason to be happy. You can enjoy the bliss in this world only if you are alive not just in body but in spirit too. If you win the third prize in the lottery it is pointless and self defeating to moan that you missed the first prize because the vast majority lost the cost of the ticket itself. Almost all of us cannot enjoy happiness simply because we are jealous of the riches of others, their possessions and their show and pomp. Rather than eating and enjoying  the fruits in our basket we let them rot and instead we are salivating over those fruits that we have no hope of smelling let alone tasting.

Many of us are under the mistaken impression that creating happiness is a tough job for we are dealing with a sad, lonely and forlorn world. Using some skewed logic we thing creating happiness is the job of clowns and jokers and stand up comedians. Reality is that these professionals only force laugher but true happiness must radiate from within. Ever noticed the contended gurgle of a baby who has a full feed; that is happiness and bliss. Ever noticed the coy smile of a young lady who has been showered with lavish praise for her demur and beauty; that is happiness. Creating happiness is simply a function of being positively honest and genuinely reaching out. When we can truthfully appreciate, honestly praise, reach out with love and tenderly touch another we are creating happiness that will pervade the people and the environment around.

Dispersing happiness is very simple; just see everything positively. Never react in anger, be patient, have a good word to share, let love overcome resentment, put others at ease, be good kind and considerate and always SMILE.  No one can ever overlook a smile. They might turn away but their hearts will have felt the smile, they might still shed tears but their hearts feel warmer and they might act indifferent but their grouse would have started melting. Happiness is all about easing pain, feeling nice and ultimately feeling RIGHT in the HEART.

Remember: “Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

Try this:

  1. List out 5 problems that are troubling you. Now find out at least 2 positives each problem. Eg. I am weak in maths. Positive could be my job does not involve too much of maths or maths has not obstructed my progress in life. Ask yourself if the positives make you feel happier that your problems are not as terrible as you thought it to be.
  2. Spread happiness by being lavish with praise for others, smiling more, sharing a clean joke, dressing well, surprising someone with a gift, helping someone in need, seeking out a lonely person and spending time with him / her etc. After all what goes around comes around and soon you will be enjoying the bliss that comes from being happy.

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Bobby Jacob

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