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There is only one meaning of life, the act of living itself.  Erich Fromm

This quote couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, for I have just returned after offering my condolences to a colleague who lost his 27 year old son, not to illness nor to an accident but to Suicide. It is one of those ironies of LIFE that when we come crying into this world, it is the most memorable moment for all those who are present at that moment and when we attain ‘peace through death’ all present are distraught and tearful. It is the intervening period, between birth and death, which we actually recognize as LIFE and it just right that this phase is what we cherish the most.

As someone rightly observed Life is not a bed of roses, for we will always find a few thorns that prick us from time to time. In fact the popular phrase that life is a journey not a destination appropriately defines the expectations from us who journey along. A journey always promises us new places, new sights, new experiences and new relationships and yet not all of these would be pleasant and delightful. We put up with some inconveniences, we ignore those companions who we find hard to put up with and we attempt to enjoy the odd experiences and bear up with the varying sights along the journey. At times we do break our journey to recoup, other times to savor the experience and occasional to check our progress but soon thereafter we resume our journey.

Life is a gift and we are not given any choice. We cannot change our parents nor our backgrounds or the socio economic environment, but we can definitely work towards changing our LIVES. It is this urge to change, the craving to grow, the passion to excel and the desire to improve that helps us chalk our paths and destiny. Undoubtedly there would be challenges, difficulties, obstacles and roadblocks that make the journey intriguing, occasionally exasperating and often very disheartening and yet we need to fulfill our commitment to life. And so we journey on in hope, faith and confidence that we will be strengthened and nourished both in body and spirit by the very force that gave us life.

We learn to pick ourselves up when we stumble and fall, we help another who is strength is ebbing, we adapt to the changes along the way and can easily cry, laugh and sing when the occasion demands it. Life then becomes an enriching experience, a rewarding opportunity and most of all a thanks and praise to the one divine force that created us. Who are we to decide that we have had enough? When we live…we are racing towards the finishing line and ironically again…in this race called life ALL who complete the course are winners. It is just the quitters who perhaps lose out on winning!

Remember: Winners never quit; quitters never win.

Try these:

  1. Look at the 3 most dreadful mistakes that you ever made. You have survived that; so do you think there will be any worse anxieties hence forth?  Examine how you coped with your deadly mistakes. Who deserves special mention for helping you through that crisis? Send them a gift/ thank you note/ a simple letter and feel the happiness within you. Did someone say that crisis also give you opportunity for ecstasy and delight?
  2. The act of living should never be in vain or your life will be just a pain. It is hard for us to think of death but the reality is that at the moment of birth an expiry date was stamped on you. How about looking at death more positively and attempting to write your own Epitaphs. This will be nothing but a very brief way of summing up your life or the way you would want people to remember you (Look up the meaning of Epitaphs in case you are still unclear about the meaning and attempt to write one for yourself so that it captures the spirit of your life)

I would welcome some original epitaphs to be emailed to [email protected] along with your name, age and location. Please avoid copying epitaphs from the net or other sources but attempt to write one for yourself. Quality contributions received up to 31st May 2010 may be published and showcased on this blog around 6th June 2010.

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Bobby Jacob

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